ATV Ramps, Off-Road Verts

Who needs a ramp, when you can jump like the Dukes of Hazard?

The Dukes of Hazzard are a wily crew, but not everyone has their creative problem solving skills (or the stunt crew to back them up). For riders hoping to keep their adventures off-road, Extreme Max recommends loading your toys with our super-strong ramps .

Fyi folks, the 6foot ramps are good for LOW beds like a trailer w/ 14" wheels. It’s way too steep an approach angle for truck beds as shown in the pics. If the truck bed is your destination, I highly recommend at least the 7.5’ length, and if you’ve got the offroad type packages, either go for the ones that feature a breakover angle, or 8’ or both

How would the ATV ramps go AT they may be NFG, if your ATV fell off them?

All Extreme Max ramps have serrated traction rungs and side edges to prevent tumbles. It’s worth noting that properly loading an ATV isn’t a joyride into the truck or trailer – it simply isn’t safe for you or your stuff. Extreme Max advises a riderless load using a winch. It’s the only method that’s safe for equipment and users.

These are good ramps and the bifold ones are nice too because they store easy and are longer which makes loading and unloading easier.

I personally bought 6’ loading ramps 1000lb capacity

with a 20% off coupon= $48. These work fantastic unloading my utility quad and 19hp riding lawn mower. NO TROUBLE and never slid once. Save the money :expressionless:

Wow! What a deal. We wanted to make sure this is a fair price-fight, so we put up our dukes and went digging. Here’re our thoughts on the steel ramps shown here vs. an aluminum ramp like ours.

Steel is great for many things, after all, it’s strong, dense and cheap. We at Extreme Max prefer Aluminum for a ramp. No corrosion worries and super-lightweight (Our 7.3’ ramp set weighs just 26 total lbs. vs. that 6’ steel set which weighs in at 46 lbs.- Heave ho!)

We could make cheaper steel ramps, but they’d be heavier and at risk for damage from corrosion. The solid-welded 6063 construction of our ramps allows us to back them with a Lifetime Limited Warranty, as opposed to a 90-day warranty.

And that’s why I bought the aluminum ramps. Because steel ramps rust so fast and degrade and end up needing work on them in just 2 years or they go to the scrap pile. I have had aluminum tri fold ramps for 8 years for short runs and they are still going strong almost ten years later. Thanks extreme max for making such a great product!!!

Thank YOU for the love. It just made our morning! We think our stuff is great, and it makes us feel oh so happy to have such a fantastic product following.