Audacious Audio Equipment

Lots of gadgets and gizmos aplenty! What questions do you have for us?

Any idea if this GPS heart rate monitor/watch is compatible with Strava? What sort of file format does it export?

Have you had a chance to hear the Pyle Pro PSBV200BT 300W Bluetooth Soundbar w/USB/SD/FM & Wireless Remote? Looking for something to use poolside in the summer and let our teen daughter keep in her room for use with her ipod/iphone. Curious about the sound quality.

The “Pyle Home PLBSK30S Portable Bicycle & Sport Speaker w/8GB Storage” doesn’t have any internal
storage as far as I can tell. You might consider changing the title.

it describes the storage capability.
“supports micro SD cards up to 8GB.”

The micro SD card is not included, though. To me, the title implies that it is included

Anyone?? (cricket, cricket…)

Well… yes, but unless the card comes with the item, it’s actually with ZERO GB.

It only supports 8GB.

So many misleading and wrong descriptions. The “HD” projector has a native 800 x 600 resolution, which is not HD. Your HD sources will be downscaled to 540p, which is nice looking, but not true HD.

Yeah, came here to rant about this. There are specs for HD. This does not meet them.

Anybody? Sure like to know how the quality is on this…

So, the item that looks like your basic, full-size USB turntable is actually a tiny pre-amp that can be used with a turntable? I see why it’s on woot.

The waterproof iphone case - I have a motorola electrify - will any phone fit in this? I am looking for something sealed to use on the farm so I don’t kill it with dust and manure - if any phone iwll fit int he case and not just iphones i’d love one? --CK

They did change the title, finally!

Why does the waterproof iPhone/iPod case title say it is an iPad case?

How does the bicycle/sport speaker have stereo sound, if there is only one speaker?

Why in the picture of the speaker mounted on the bicycle would you face the speaker away from you (other than to access the controls)? Is it so when you are pedaling at cruising speed you are driving “into” the music? :wink:

At under 4", wouldn’t that be a “waterproof Pyle Home PWSIC10 for iPhone or iPod Touch” – and not “for iPad,” as the headline indicates after clicking the item thumbnail?

Specifically, will it work for a 4th generation iPod Touch, a 5th generation iPod Touch or an iPhone 5?

And, seeing as I’ve been a good Wooter all year, can you just give me two for saving your elves a lot of time and expenses on the inevitable returns such an error would cause?

I’m looking for an alarm clock/charger for my iPhone 4s and can’t find any reviews for the Pyle Home PICL29W - can you?
Thank you!

Pyle is borderline White Van Scam. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go look it up. I’m warning you, it’s low quality speakers marketed at well above what they’re worth. It’s too obvious, look at how they copied, inch by inch, Bose’s double cube design… Down to every curve and crease (and I own a lifestyle 28 system, I know). Also, their website looks very sketchy and reliable, professional reviews are all negative.