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Will the waterproof case work with the iPhone 5?


I don’t see any specific information even on the Pyle site but we do give the inside dimensions on the Specs page:

Inner Dimensions: 2.35" x 5.10" x 0.47"

Thanks, I saw that. My only question is if those entire inner dimensions are “free space” or if they are including the seams. Is there any way someone can look into this?

I don’t know if I would call them a Scam. For sure Pyle is not generally considered a high quality brand/product by any means. Their product lines range from absolute junk to mid-grade consumer gear. Usually you get what you pay for so keep that in mind when buying their equipment. I personally have some Pyle Marine speakers and couldn’t have been more pleased with their quality especially once price is taken into account.

The rules of Pyle:

1.) Power ratings are way over rated. Generally divide by 4 (sometimes 10) and you are closer to reality.

2.) Pyle products are completely hit and miss on quality levels. Read reviews and look at pictures. It is usually pretty easy to tell which products are complete junk and which are decent.

3.) If it is too good to be true…it is. A 4" amp can’t put out 1000W. A 5" speaker does not have a frequency response down to 40Hz.

Sorry to say it, but the Pyle Ukuleles are useless. Mine won’t hold a tune, the strings are terrible, and it showed up with a weird discoloring on it as if they got half way through the varnish job and called it good.

I was wondering that too. I guess you could mount it facing you and turn it on before you start. But my real question is how do you control it? Is it random or does it just play all your songs in order? Does it support playlists?

Wait, nobody’s said it yet?
Okay, here it comes:

Pyle? More like Pyle…of crap!

Seriously, though. Pyle sucks. Save your monies and get yourself some Bose or something.

>Save money

Pick one.

Or just build you own system if you want more than half crappy audio.

Does anyone know the difference between the PYLE Pro PTED01 vs the Pyle Pro PTED05 that is being offered here with the Drumming for Dummies kit? Is it essentially the same unit?

anybody know if the 150w 12" sub is worth getting?

“PYLE-PRO PPHP123MU 12-Inch 800 Watt Powered Two-Way PA Speaker with MP3/USB/SD/3.5mm Input” review on Amazon are all 4’s and 5’s

Man, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many product descriptions wrong.

The Pyle PPHP123MU is listed on Amazon as being 800W and Woot as 1000W. Any idea which is (closer to) true?

I’m vaguely troubled that the pictures for both PA speakers appear to be ‘artists renditions’. Instead of a plug and power switch, they seem to have a picture of a plug and a power switch.

That’s the photos the vendor gave us. I looked on the Pyle site and we’re using the same ones they are… at least for the one I checked.

Really? Bose? Known to be overpriced in comparison to all else in their price range, and nowhere near Pyle’s range. At least Pyle will get you more or less what you pay for. If you want real sound for good money, go to a stereo store.

My DVD player hasn’t even shipped yet!

It also says 20 watts but is 2.

Can you help me out here? Where did you get this information? Everything I’m finding says 20 watts. Obviously if there’s an error, we’ll want to fix it.

Would have been nice if the promotion for the Pyle PHSA5 5.1 Home Theater System with Active Subwoofer stated clearly that you needed a receiver/amplifier to use the set, which is another $150 expense. Thanks Woot for sucking me into a money hole!!

Pyle Pro PPHP123MU 12" Pyle Pro PPHP123MU 12" 1000W Powered Two-Way PA Speaker w/MP3/USB/SD/Aux1000W Powered Two-Way PA Speaker w/MP3/USB/SD/Aux
False advertising in the Feature:
“The Line/MIC allows you to hook up the included microphone into the system so everyone can hear you loud and clear”

Where is this “included Microphone”