Audio by bem

I like how the small square ones are in 5 solid colors. 4 of them are “sports” themed, even though they are just solid colors. The lime green one is just “green”. Poor lime green speaker doesn’t have a team.

ahh marketing.

I think I’m in for one for the wife. These have extremely high reviews on retail sites and print magazine reviews as well with lots of good things to say.

It says at absolute max volume there is some distortion, but back it to around 85% and these handle anything thrown at it and sounds deep and rich for it’s size. The reviews were impressed with the sound for the size and the price. Being these are 1/2 the price of the reviewed items, it makes it an even better deal (these are for the tiny colorful cubes that is).

I had the bluetooth duo. Got it cheaper at Target, online purchase return. I tried it out and it sounded crappy. I ended up returning it even though I only paid $60 for it. I did end up buying a TDK unit and it was superior sounding.

Bem = “bug-eyed-monsters?”

Just wondering…