Audio Mythos

Well that’s… … horrifying. Though as I understand it, it’s already topped the charts in Arkham.

I dig it

Ia ia!

(good woot is good)

It will haunt me for the rest of the night… not knowing what it says when played in reverse that is.

Grats on the print!

That looks like something I found in my bathtub one time!

Cool design, too!

Yet another great write-up. applause

somehow it reminds me of the Predator.

This is exactly what keeps me from digging out that box of old tapes I collected in my teens. Congratulations on the print Drakxxx and Crescentdebris.

In for three of these, I know too many people who would love this.

It’s the source of The Bloop!

Oh goddamnit now I have to pull up “Never Tear Us Apart” and give it a listen. Curse you, earworm!

Okay, okay - I promise I’ll never fast-forward again!

the line this image puts in my head is “deliver colonel sanders down to davy jones’ locker.” i still
love both my very-worn ‘87 cassette and my LP versions of the beastie boys’ “licensed to ill” album! (admittedly, i do listen to it on CD and MP3 more often these days. >=b)

I see Davy Jones from “Pirates of the Caribbean” done in acetate. It’s the ghost of technology past. And I do believe in ghosts…

Splicing that tape back together is going to cause headaches and I suspect the tape deck probably needs a head clean.

Very cool design! Glad to see this one got in.

.oht ngised gnitseretni ,elyts ym yllaer ton ,etsat ym rof ypeerc tib a si eno sihT

“What do you want from us?”


When it latches onto your brain, all you can hear is John Mayer for the rest of your life.