Audio Solutions Audio Mount w/Dolby Digital Speaker

I got this for my boys’ room to hook to their Xbox and hung a Samsung tv on it. I CANNOT believe what a bargain this is at 99$. It sounds superb via fiber optic audio. And it’s industrial strength all powder coated steel. Dang, I wish I needed another!

How large a tv will fit in this?

And I’m still not clear on how the sound connects - is it a certain type of connector?

It will mount a TV from 40" - 65" and connects with an optical cable or rca cables. Almost all TV’s have both or at least one or the other.

Installed this above my bedroom fireplace about a month ago. Sturdy and HEAVY. Sound is a little above average. If you purchase this without expecting a huge amount of clarity or loudness on the very low or very high end, you’ll then realize the look of this unit is much more refined than having wires from speakers and a receiver everywhere, and you’re saving space by putting all your techno stuff on the wall all neat and tidy, then you’ll be glad you got this.

One final note: I hooked up my old iPhone 4S through my Wadia audio conversion player (which results in GREAT sound on my normal audio system), and it sounded like crap on this thing. Don’t buy this if you’re looking for using this system for anything else but basic TV, gaming and DVD applications.

I bought one of these last time they were on Woot and I can say I am very pleased with it. Installation was relatively simple, I have it mounted to a block wall. There are instructions for both concrete/block and stud mounting and using the template was simple and quick.

Mine happens to be above a countertop but the company does sell an attachable glass shelf that hangs underneath the unit to hold devices if you are interested in that. Just make sure you aren’t exceeding the weight limit if your TV is on the upper end of its size range.

I can echo the above comments that you definitely get the best sound through the Optical audio cable (my TV calls it S/PDIF which means Sony/Philips Digital Interface Format) but it uses the same cable as ports labeled simply Optical. So all my gaming consoles and other devices go into the TV through HDMI or RCA and the audio comes out to the speaker mount through the Optical.

Sound quality through the 3.5mm audio headphone jack was sub-par for music but I do still use it from time to time for spoken audio only (Podcasts, Audiobooks). I play music through it via the Pandora app on my Roku (therefore over Optical) and sound quality is fine, the 3.5mm is just not great for it.

The tilt is just right for my viewing angle from a couch with the TV mounted at 6’ on the wall and 8’ from my couch.