Audio Solutions Audio Mount w/Dolby Digital Speaker

I purchased this item the last time it was offered. The set up is straight forward. you will need two people to place it on the wall, as it is on the heavy side. I had to play with the settings in order to make the left channel work. Worth the price, but no more than that. Better options out there, IMO.

The pros:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Definitely an upgrade over your standard flat panel audio

The cons:

  • Lack of Audio Toslink Fiber Optic cable. (Coax)
  • The subwoofer could be bigger or use more power.

Overall, I think this set up is better:

For the price, ease of installation and convenience, you can’t go wrong. I bought this, along with the matching table top stand, in a previous offer.

It’s no Onkyo or similar, 7.1 THX system. But the sound is good. Subwoofer could be stronger, but loud explosive action scenes do come alive. Spend 30 minutes playing around with the settings, especially adjusting the power to each of the 3 speakers, to best suit your setup.

Don’t forget to pickup a 2’ or 3’ optical cable, one is not included. Btw, the device and especially the packaging are much bigger than I expected. While 1 person can set it up themselves, I did, a second set of hands would be convenient.

Grab a dozen or so cable ties (I love the cheap Velcro ones from Monoprice,) they will help with cable/wire management.


I purchased this item on January 18th. It arrived on January 25th. It is not working properly it keeps reseting by itself, and flashing Err 30 on the screen. I press the reset button as per the instruction manual but it goes back to the same thing. I need help. I fear I recieved a non working item and I live in Dominican Republic returning the item would be too costly.

It has a one-hear Audio Solutions warranty. You might contact them.

We can help you with a return but you will need to pay for shipping back to the US.