Audio Technica Headphones

Anyone ever try the Hybrid Earbud Headphones? I don’t like in-ear-canal headphones very much so those look interesting.

Actually, this is just an OK deal. Walmart and Newegg appear to have the same item (hybrid buds) for $2-3 more regular price shipped.

(comes with 2 year warranty instead of 1 year)

Bait and switch Woot people. Where are the RED ones! Not even a ‘sold out’ listing for them.

Definition of bait-n-switch: a selling method in which a customer is attracted by the advertisement of a low-priced product but then is encouraged to buy a more expensive one

We are not encouraging you to buy a higher priced item. We often reuse photos and sometimes items sellout before the sale starts (we have other places we sell).

Anyone know if these headphones are any good? The Audio Technica on ears? MSRP is pricey but then again so are those Dr. Dre headphones and those are total POS.

I’ve not heard them. In general Audio-Technica has a pretty good reputation. I found that the Wirecutter reviewed these.

“Another from Audio Technica, the Sonic Fuel OX5s are glossy and black (or red). Two of our panelists had an issue with the fit, though for differing reasons: Brent felt the earpads mashed his ears, and John found the headband uncomfortable. What we all agreed on, however, was that there were better options for the price. Muffled mids was the biggest complaint by all of our panelists, seconded by muddy bass. In the end, nobody was very happy, and for $200, there are many better options in this range.”

It would be interesting to know how they would compare them at a $70 price point instead of $200.

If you don’t need something portable for $85 on the mothership you can currently get the widely lauded Sony MDR7506.