Audio-Technica Headphones

Thank you gak. Would these m50x be good for airplane listening? That is all I really need them for. They are closed back I assume, so others won’t hear what I am listening to. Sorry to be naive here, I am new to head phone purchasing.

Yes, I have these headphones and they are solid for an airplane. They are not noise cancelling, but they are closed headphones with great sound. You won’t have to talk to the person next to you… and the over ear will make any engine noise quiet enough to make it white noise when you’re pumping sound through them.

I’ve used mine for playing games at night in bed so it doesn’t bug my wife and specifically for traveling. If you replace the ear pads with Shure HPAEC840 Replacement Ear Cushions they’re even more comfortable.

I bought these on Amazon last fall (a Black Friday Lightning Deal) and they are a definite upgrade over the ATH-M30’s I’d been using for several years. The improvements are not just in sonic quality, but also in the convenience of the interchangeable cords - I really like the mostly-coiled cord for sitting at my desk, it doesn’t get caught under my chair wheels.
One thing I’m hoping is that the covering on the earcup padding holds up better that it did on the M30’s - they were starting to flake badly.

I think of these primarily as DJ headphones. They’re pretty decent for that purpose.

what is the best streaming device for TV ?

I believe this is the most widely used studio headphones. I have m50 and it sounds superb. Unlike other “fashion” headset, it has clear high, mid, and good base.

An antenna.

I’ve had a pair of these for a long time. I love them… especially on flights.

Yeah, love these long time for the money. Compared to many others I can think of for the same money, AND over the ear (not on ear) phones, these are quite nice. As another poster mentioned, they are not a fantastic buy, but on the other hand sound quite good, and are very comfortable for me. I am satisfied with the sound, but would not consider them anywhere near an audiophile quality headphone. As someone else posted, check the many reviews and comments on, a great place to learn about all things related to headphone listening.

Hello. I just got into buying an electric guitar and just bought a guitar amp yesterday.

I’m quite proud of the amp that I bought (Vypyr VIP 2 40W) but I know I won’t be able to turn the amp up past 2 in the volume knob or else it’ll get too loud.

So I need good headphones. And the guitar amp has a 1/4" audio port for headphones.

Would these headphones be suitable for that? Or are they meant more for DJ and audio mixing?

Sorry, if this has already been stated somewhere. I did not see it. Do these have a microphone? I would like to use them for gaming.

i love these and can recommend them. sound is great but just as importantly, they are built really well. should last a lifetime.

check out this review by marques brownlee:

and this one where he compares them to beats:

I’ve had the ATH-M50 for several years and love them.

Assume the -M50X is basically the same sound?

Also, the replaceable cable looks non-standard on the end that goes into the headphone - can somebody confirm that it’s not a standard 3.5mm on both ends?

No, they do not. I own a pair, and so I know they don’t, but you can also look at the cables (pictured) - they’ve only got 3 separate conducting areas (2 separator disks) and so only have stereo (left, right, ground) and not the additional conductor needed for the mic.

Someone know, this deal include 3 detachable cables and Protective carrying pouch?

Same sound (or very very very nearly the same). Unfortunately, it’s not 3.5mm on the headphone end. I think it’s 2.5mm, but I’m not positive.

M50 and M50X - same by sound.
Cable from one side 3.5mm and 2.5mm from another

I have had these about 2 months and am extremely happy with them. Sound and feel great.

Model number please? I’ve always liked the style of Grados, but people say you’ll either love the sound or hate it.

I love the M-50. They are slightly heavy on bass, not like Beats by Dre. The bass doesn’t detract from the clarity.