Audio-Technica Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

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Audio-Technica Professional Studio Monitor Headphones
Price: $149.99
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This is a good deal on some very nice cans.

Time to check out the product page

I have a slightly older version of these. They are a classic headphone, they do a reasonable job of blocking outside noise, accurately reproducing the sound, and fitting over my big ears (the pads press on your head, these are not on ear). This is a good price for some great cans.

I’m gonna pass :frowning:
MTH-50’s are the standard recommended cans for entering the world of hi-fi but this isn’t really a deal. Sure its $40 off regular price but the black 50x’s are constantly ~$150.
They’re too bulky in my opinion to be taken outside for everyday commutes so does it really matter what color they are?

4.8 Stars over at B&H Photo

Amazon has lots of good reviews to read if you need help making a decision.

Most headphones that sell for > 100 are overpriced, they don’t sound that much better IF they’re in fact better than those that cost 30-$50

there are some great m50x bundles on amazon. the bundles will have hard cases, headphone amplifiers, etc. i think it’s a better deal for the bundles, especially if you have prime.

For home-use hifi headphones yes. These are studio headphones and meant to be as flat a response as possible, unlike most hifi headphones which emphasize parts of the frequency response most people like to hear. Good studio headphones start at 100$ and go up

And thats studio as in actual production/studio where you have to have a good representation of what your creating, not studio as in beats ‘studio’ which just means spend 100$ for studio in the name with the same horrible response and muddy sound

too bad these are not as good as beats by dre :rolls eyes:

I’ve tried way too many pairs of expensive headphones to name them all. These are the only pair I’d consider buying twice. They pick put details in some of the recordings that go unnoticed by headphones that focus on one end of the range like Beats. These are extremely easy to drive, though any pair of mid-priced headphones sound better with an amplifier. Finally, they won’t earn you any street cred, but anyone who cares about sound quality over brand recognition will know you you have a solid set of cans…That’s what headphones are often referred to in the audiophile community.

These are awesome headphones, but this is not a good deal.

The ATH-M50 is one of the most favorably-rated headphones on Head-Fi, a site for headphone geeks. It is also the top-selling headphones on Amazon for good reason (the ATH-M50x version). The ATH-M50 sounds identical whether you get the M50x, M50RD, M-50xWH, or M-50xBL. It it’s an M50, the sound will be the same.

You can find sales on an M50 variant in the $80 to $100 range via Slickdeals from reputable sites, particularly, quite frequently.

If you must have this particular variant with its tan leather, than this is a reasonable price.

Happy Wooting.


I have the 50th anniversary edition of these cans - and they are great, but this price average.

They get hot with extended use, rather typical for over-the-ear cans.

Nice to see the internet generation comment on the pointlessness of cans over $30. That’s what you believe when your audio sources are crap MP3s and YouTube videos…

The don’t hold a candle to these sweet Deats by Nani

There’s a difference between putting all your money into marketing (Beats, Bose) and putting all your money into good quality (Audio-Technica, Sennheiser).

I’ve been using M50’s for years now and they’re absolutely fantastic. I do agree that this price isn’t TOO special, but the blue ones rarely go on sale like the black ones do. If you want something a little more flashy than the generic black, then this is a pretty good deal. If you don’t care about the color, then I agree with the others to monitor SlickDeals for when the black ones go on sale again.

(If I didn’t already own a pair of the black ones, I’d for sure go for this deal over waiting for a deal on the black ones. But I’m biased and REALLY love the colors on this one.)

Also be aware that these are the newer detachable cord ones. A lot of the deals I saw in that link above are for the older fixed cord ones where you either buy coiled, or straight. I honestly don’t think much more was updated other than the ability to swap the cord out though. I do appreciate that they include a third, shorter cord with these, because the cord on the original is pretty long.

Either way, I’m really happy for Woot to finally listen and put good sounding headphones up rather than good branded headphones.

*I’m editing this post a lot but if you did end up purchasing these, remember to give yourself a few weeks time to allow your ears to adjust to them before forming your opinions! Some say you need time to “burn them in” but I’ve heard this is a myth and it has more to do with your ears getting used to them rather than the headphones “warming up” themselves.

I got a pair of ATH-M50x’s a few months ago and I absolutely love them. Fantastic sound, great build quality, and very comfortable. I can’t recommend them highly enough. I got mine on Amazon for about $170 and they’re worth every penny.

Mine came with a small amp (a FiiO E6:, which isn’t required for these headphones, but does improve the bass noticeably. I mainly use it with my turntable, since the drivers in my phone and laptop are plenty powerful enough for these headphones.

This is an okay deal but not great since you can get the black color of these for almost the exact same price at any time. However these blue and tan ones are generally around $189 so if you really like the color then I’d bite on this.

They are great sounding headphones and are probably the best sounding ones you can get for under 350 bucks. I have had the green and gold ones for about 6 months and love them.

True around the ear fit is a must have for me, and these don’t fit the bill. This has been an enormous problem for me.

I don’t understand why people don’t rate more based on this. I don’t care how nice a pair of pants are if they hurt me!

I’ve got this exact pair waiting to be shipped back to amazon due to them pressing the entire outside of my earlobes, so either I have freakishly large ears or AT is working from a different dictionary than I am.

I’ve had to do so many returns because of this that I bit the bullet and drove half an hour to an audio seller and tried on about 20 nasty tatty headphones.

Headphones that are true circumaural for me: Logitech g930 (owned and broken 3 pairs), astro a50, and Sony MDRZX770BN, which I wound up buying since they actually fit me and are supposedly “good enough” for just about any use.

I have these in this color. They’re fine but I was unable to distinguish any difference between these and the Incase Sonics offered years ago.