Audio-Technica Sonic Fuel OE Headphones

FWIW I bought these cans and here’s my useless opinion:


  1. They look pretty good - at least the blue / black one does (but then again, I am an Inter supporter)
  2. Solid overall sound quality - the bass isn’t overpowering like in those horrible Beats garbage, but the high-end treble is a bit muddled
  3. The in-line mic is clear
  4. The Over-Ear cups do a good job of eliminating a lot of ambient noise, so you basically only hear is what’s coming through the phones.


  1. The OE cup isn’t very large, and can end up causing a little discomfort after prolonged wear.
  2. The lack of crisp high-end treble can make some things sound a bit muddy
  3. The inline volume control is basically just a mute function.

But for $30 this was a bargain.