Audio/Video For Bach In The Dorm

Just got my Klipsch KMZ3 bluetooth speaker that I ordered last week, and …WOW. I had read that it was a really great little speaker, but let me tell you personally - IT IS A REALLY GREAT LITTLE SPEAKER!! I don’t know ohm from ooga chaka, but I know what I like, and this sucker plays what I like. Clear and crisp without being “tinny”, nice and deep, and I couldn’t get it to make a “muddy” sound no matter HOW loud I cranked it - which is “OMG TURN THAT THING DOWN!!!” AWESOMELY loud. I have hawked it to all my friends and am posting the link everywhere…at this price, there is NO reason to listen to “junk” speakers. Get one. Nonono…don’t you sass me. Just GET . ONE.
That’ll be enough outta you, little mister.

Great Deal on the PATENTED

Here is a new review based on $899.99

“This is the perfect system if you live in an apartment or move around…or stay put!”

Woot event price is a steel. We suggest this is an ideal item for dorms, apartments as an all in one system.


“Baby Got Bach”

I keep seeing the Element refurb come up, and keep not quite buying it. Has anyone done so? I’d really like to know. I’m looking for something for my kitchen (I am a cake/cookie decorator, and I both want to be able to watch lessons in my workspace and play movies while I work).