Wha? Looks like a collection one would find at the checkout counter at Grocery Outlet for $4.99 a pop.

I checked the specs on a couple of them and didn’t see this… are these DVD or tape? MP3 or cda tracks if DVD?

Save your money and open an Audible account. It’s an Amazon company now :wink:

Love me some Audible…

Looking on the Brilliance Audio site, looks like they format in CD, Download, and MP3-CD.

Great for road trips if you’re like me and not that much into mp3 players.

Also, not sure about these titles, but audio CDs are a good donation to school libraries. They help struggling readers get into reading and improve their reading skills.

Save some money and get a free local library account - most libraries have 1) free audio book checkouts and 2) partnerships with online audiobook distribution companies where you can check out audiobooks for free and stream or download them.

Yeah, it was more that I just wanted to point out that the media type wasn’t on there. I do audible and nook has the new audiobook app I have yet to try out.

My library system has some cds and mp3cds I can get, but they are not in any program with overdrive or any other e-lending solution. Altho I do have my mom and mother in laws credentials to systems in both louisianna and alabama if I choose to use their overdrive accts. I prefer ebooks anayway, but audio is great for being in the car.

Just heard back… These are CD.

This woot is worse than the bidets. Perhaps I can go completely paperless by purchasing a bidet and a few of these audiobooks. Is that the plan woot? Making people greener?

Agreed. I don’t know if this works out of state, but if you’re in Ohio, the Columbus Metropolitan Library has an amazing selection of audio books that you can borrow for free for up to 21 days I believe. Actually, they have an incredible online library for everything: ebooks, audio books, music, etc. They use overdrive media. You can sign up for a card online for free as well, and it takes about a week or so to get in the mail. I cancelled my audible subscription when I saw everything that I might buy was available to rent for free. The Game of Thrones audible books are fantastic, just FYI!

The Eve Duncan series of audio books is really good! Eve Duncan is a forensic re-constructive scientist, they call her in when a child has been found so she can reconstruct the face to identify the missing and put the child, parents and loved ones at rest. The stories are good and go into personal history of why she became a forensic re-constructor… if you like Mystery with a kick, this is the way to go.(it may sound creepy but it’s really not)
I’ve listened to many of them and am still working through the series checking out the rest. (Library)

Even if you don’t have good selections at the library, or are suddenly on an extended road trip looking for something else to listen to, Cracker Barrel (the restaurant and store) has a pretty decent selection. They have a rental program where you pay full price up front, and it is $3.49/week to rent and you can return it to any Cracker Barrel location I believe. Great for cross-country trips.

The bidets are awesome but I agree that this is not a great sale. I had a surplus book store that sold audio book css for less than this. I know Amawoot should have better pricing than that place.

Cracker Barrel is a great option for road trips…

The library is a fine place to find some books. My tastes are better served by Audible and I do listen repeatedly at times. Return policy is fabulous.