AudioFX Force Feedback Gaming Headset



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AudioFX Force Feedback Gaming Headset
$19.99+ $5 shipping

1 AudioFX Force Feedback Gaming Headset


these feel solid, but are not that great


looks too bulky too me and a litlle cumbersome…not for me nite-nite wooters


I wonder if this is anything like the headset that came with my super old school Xitel Storm Platinum Aureal Vortex 2 sound card way back in the day…


More pricing info…

SecretPrices … $38.99

PriceGrabber … $41.99

Amazon … $49.99 5-Star Rating!


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… one of these links actually does have it for an insane price, but it might be fake, or a mistake… if you find out if its true, let me know, cuz i’ll buy it at half the woot price any day… other than that one, most the listings don’t come remotely close… but like i said, if anyone finds out that the crazy low price i saw is legit… … holler back… woot woot.


Separate USB port for power, nice!!


No thanks…throw some pure headsets out there woot! Mic’s are not for me


Vibrating headphones
That might give me a headache.


Your WHAT?


I wonder how strong the vibration is. Might they vibrate enough to slide out of postion/off your head? Also, how are these powered? USB?


Anyone know if:

a) this works with Macs?
b) the microphone would work with Skype on the Mac?


Vibrating headphones… wow. Now I’m really in the game. -_-


the driver size, sound cancelling, snr ratio, db rating… these look amazing!!! I only wish I had any money whatsoever.
Does anyone know if the microphone is detachable and if it needs power all the time, ie can it be used with an mp3 player minus the microphone?
Nice w00t!


too bulky for me. ill stick with my nice technics set.

nite woot. more roombas! kidding :smiley:


LEDs on the side??? WOW now my buddies KNOW I ROCK!!!


Is this Xbox 360 compatible?


Nice!! I’ve been waiting for a headset like this to pop up… no more leaning over and trying to reach my microphone that dangles over the monitor! :wink: I’m a happy wooter tonight!


Is there any adapter or any way i can get this thing to work with my xbox 360? this would be sweet…