AudioSnax Echo Dot Docking Station / Cordless Speaker

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AudioSnax Echo Dot Docking Station / Cordless Speaker
Price: $29.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Monday, Aug 27 to Thursday, Aug 30) + transit
Condition: New


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Hello Woot Staff; what’s happening… I’m going to need to ask you to show me one site that has at any point actually sold one of these for $199.99, if you could that… that would be GRRRRRREAT…

(BTW, all the reviews that I can find are from between June 5, 2018 and today.) AND, note that the warranty is the 90 day Woot, while on the Amazon listing 1 YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY & U.S BASED CUSTOMER SUPPORT - We include an industry leading free 1 year warranty with every purchase and have a U.S based customer support staff to answer any questions. We also include a 100% money back guarantee; if you are dissatisfied for any reason simply return it for 100% refund with no questions asked."… my guess is that this is no longer the case.

Amazon Listing

How do they compare to these…

I have a 1st generation echo dot. Is this compatible or is it for 2nd gen echo?

Write up relevant XKCD.

Too bad portability only lasts 6 hours, making it no good to port to bedroom, overnight. I need my 8-10 hours beauty sleep and Alexa couldn’t hang out long enough to wake me up. Sorry, no sale.

You could just plug it in.

Worth it just to see my Dot levitate over the top of this thing.

Man, I just hate it when you ruin a perfectly good argument with facts.

I have the above speaker (Mokcao) and another one (Vaux)that fall within this same price range…If you are expecting Sonos quality, don’t…You will get the sound quality of a $29 bluetooth speaker… not bad, not great…

Amazon had this speaker for $11.98 each if you bought two on Saturday.

I have four of them and I like them.

What Brooksbd said.

Better than the native Echo Dot speaker, not super awesome. Nice to take into another room for a bit.

My boys will kidnap it and forget to return it, though, which is kind of a problem from time to time.

Dude, by bedroom, I mean my tent out back. :slight_smile:

Waiting for reply on the $199 price

So either by battery or plugged in this speaker powers the DOT simultaneously?

Hey there, we get the list price directly from the vendor and/or manufacturer.

Yes, it does.

What was the price on Amazon?

This item has only had reviews since June of this year. What was the price at the time of the reviews?

Woot items show when it was previously up on Woot, why not list the price when items have been up on Amazon?

Whenever you (any seller) posts ridiculous percents off (85% in this case), it sours me on even considering purchasing it.

Also, why is the warranty one year money back on the $49 Amazon listing, but 90 days now?