AudioSource 100W Soundbar Speaker System

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Feedback from a different person of the last sale
"Wanted to chime in after a month of using this soundbar:

It sounds horrible. I have it mounted on the wall and I’ve tried it with the RCA inputs as well as the optical. When I use the optical input, it often clips.

There’s also something loose in it that rattles when the volume is turned up a bit.

I bought this to replace the even-smaller Boston Acoustics Receptor radio, and the Receptor sounds unbelievably better.

For what it’s worth!"…


AudioSource shows us why we should all use a soundbar [youtube=Rjnms_r8Sgg][/youtube]

I’ve had this for well over a year now and it’s been great. Sure the sound won’t blow you away but it is a major improvement over TV speakers and gets plenty loud which is great when you gave noise kids and spouse and are trying to watch TV :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone know how this compares to ? I’m debating a soundbar vs multispeaker for a small living room (So volume isn’t an issue, I just want surround sound effects for movies/gaming), and under $100, as none of us are audiophiles.

The sound was awesome, but the unit only lasted about a year…then it died on me. I’d really like to buy another, but I’m afraid it will only last a year like the first one.

Did the unit have the 2yr warranty on it as advertised in this sale? Anyone go through the RMA process with this company?

Does the remote include a “power on/off” function or do I have to always go to the Soundbar and manually power on/off? (From an earlier Woot sale in January complaint)

Seems OK for the price.
But there is a startling lack of reviews, and the ones that are there aren’t promising.

MEhh, Bought this from the first woot. It is is better then tv speakers but I would not use it in a living room. Works good for the bedroom, but that is about it. To be fair all my other speakers are quality so I expect more then some.