AudioSource 160W Soundbar Speaker System

**Item: **AudioSource 160W Soundbar Speaker System
Price: $129.99
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Condition: New

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Bought a sound bar on previous woot. Sound quality is fine for the price, a bit boomy in the bass, so it requires frequent adjustment during watching/listening depending in show/movie/music. However that is defeated completely by the crap remote that almost never works. Cheap plastic crap that can’t keep the battery in place, so it’s basically useless. This isn’t 1960, I expect to stay seated in my couch for a movie.

Worst part of the crap-remote experience? Every month I email the mfr and every month they ignore me. I dont barrage them, but once a month I resend my email and insist that they please respond to a serious customer compliant about workmanship/warranty issues. Zero response.

Buyer beware. This product may as well be listed with neither remote nor warranty.

I’m sorry for the problems you’ve had with AudioSource customer service. Email and let’s see if they can help.

Poor Dana. lol

I bought it on the last woot as well. I like it. For 129 it’s darn good. Unlike the above poster. My remote works wonderfully.

Only one set of rca inputs, eh? Looks like I’d have to get a preamp/switcher … if I had the money for this.

Thinking of buying just because of the “stock photo soapopera” - that was awesome.

On a serious note - had a stand-alone device that did “3D sound” back in the 90’s, and was surprised at how good it actually sounded. Wonder if this would be similar…

You can run the output from the TV to it. If everything won’t connect to the TV, then you need some switching anyway.

Write up

Love it! More like that, Woot!

And more bacon…please God…more BACON!!!

With only stereo inputs and no multichannel decoding capabilities listed all this product is doing is taking stereo audio and firing it in every direction. That’s not real surround sound. Good surround sound puts audio where it’s supposed to be- noises that are behind you sound behind you, above you sounds above you, etc. There are sound bar technologies on the horizon that will offer that kind of experience. This is not that.

That one IT guy in the “writeup” looks like Tom from Queer Eye.

Did you try calling their support number? I bought this speaker bar a few months ago from woot and it was missing the remote, instead of sending it back to woot I called their support, not only did a human pick up the phone after one ring, it was an american!!! I told them what happened they apologized and two days later I had a remote in the mail that works just fine.

For a $130 you’re not going to find a better speaker bar, sure it doesn’t come close to sounding like a good home theater set up, but its not trying too and it sounds a lot better than stock tv speakers so no complaints here!


So it’s not surround sound, it’s just really good stereo?

I bought one of these as a toddler friendly alternative to a wired satellite system. The sound quality is excellent for a simple bar. Check the size before you buy it is huge. I had to prop my TV up 2". My only complaints would be that the remote is as cheap as they come and the volume control is adjusted in substantial steps. My harmony remote took care of the cheap controller.

Well, it’s fair to follow up. I did call, and I did speak to somebody at Audio Source. He was a bit… off the mark. Seemed a bit bumbling, but he did indeed get a replacement sent.

The replacement works, although it is not the same as the original remote. Same style though, the flimsy thing with a watch battery. The defective remote drained its battery, but luckily the replacement had one with it too.

As for the sound, as I said, I agree it’s good for the price. Didn’t mean to say otherwise (and I don’t think I did). But it does have it’s flaws and flavors, which I was trying to get across with a little pointed criticism.

I should also say that after re-mounting it in a different location I used pads all around the mounting brackets (the felt guys that go under furniture, $3 at hardware store) and they helped alot. Just a bit harder to mount, but worth it, the wobbly bass is quieted substantially.