AudioSource 200W Soundbar with Sonic Emotion 3D Sound

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AudioSource 200W Soundbar with Sonic Emotion 3D Sound
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It seems this does not have dolby or dts. if not, it probably does not isolate a center channel and therefore can not clarify dialogue.

Anyone know if it has surround processing by either Dolby (as in Dolby Pro Logic) or DTS? It doesn’t have the usual badges on the console to indicate that it does.

If this does not have Dolby or DTS, I’d shun it.

From the manufacturer’s webpage, it doesn’t say anything about Dolby or DTS:

It’s a sound bar. Of course it does not have Dolby or DTS. Those two names signify at least 5.1 channels. This is basically a single channel speaker that simulates more channels. If you want a true Dolby/DTS experience, you need a system with at least 5 speakers and a subwoofer. You won’t find it with a soundbar.

The Amazon Reviews:

Wrong model number.

Here’s the correct one.

I bought this late last year on woot for $135. It puts out decent sound for the price. I have it hooked up with optical connection to my tv. Last night I just hung it on the wall (after hanging my tv finally). It is made to stick out a little bit from the wall but even still the power cord sticks out just a little further than the hanging posts so I had to bend it. The optical connection had plenty of room but I would see problems if you were trying to connect to the rca jacks. They would stick out too far.

For this price its a pretty good deal. Just don’t expect the same as a true surround sound system.

Purchased one of these 3 months ago. The controls only work when they want to. The sound worked for almost a month now it is hard to tell if it’s even putting out any sound.
Disappointed, Rich

These have a 2-year warranty. Have you contacted AudioSource?

This is not exactly true. A lot of cheaper sound bars may not have Dolby technology, but a lot of the higher end (anything $200 or more) probably has it. The Vizio 5.1 sound bar absolutely has Dolby Technology and DTS technology and sounds amazing for the price. At the bottom of the page at this link here there is a list of manufacturers that Dolby says possess Dolby technology.

I don’t really have anything to add to the discussion about this sound bar because I don’t really know anything about it, but I did want to clarify that a lot of sound bars do, in fact, have Dolby technology. Happy shopping, friends.

I have the Toshibi Mini3D with Sonic Emotion 3D sound. It’s much smaller than this.

Normally, it sounds like the stupid tinny speaker it looks like. But hit the Sonic Emotion button and the sound opens up. It becomes very, very rich with a wide sweet spot. It sounds like a much, much bigger speaker.

I can’t say if this is as magical, but man, that Toshiba is incredible. I’ve never seen a gimmick technology like that actually make a huge, huge difference. The Toshiba is still smaller than I’d like, but works remarkably well.

I’ve been looking at a Sony sound stand, but for this price, I may just do this instead.

Quick, talk me out of it!

Well, hard really to talk you out of the Sony. The Sony sound bar (I think that’s what you’re talking about) gets rave reviews and is very popular. It’s for sale as a refurbished item over here. I’m not sure if that version of the Sony has the IR repeater, but if you aren’t wall mounting it and only putting it in front of your TV, the IR repeater is a huge plus. If you aren’t familiar with that, it takes the IR beam you point at the sound bar, then repeats it out the back of the unit. That way if you are covering up the IR sensor on the TV, it will still accept your inputs to turn on or off the TV.

If you’re looking for simplicity, this one may be your better bet. I would be willing to bet that as long as you get a good unit, it is going to sound pretty good. Reviews on these Audiosource units are pretty scarce. There is a blowhard YouTube review with an Audiosource representative. So YMMV with the legitimacy of that “review”.

All things considered, for $100.00 you probably can’t go wrong with this thing. The Sony is more expensive, even for a refurb, but will likely give you a cleaner sound and will extend lower with its bass since it has a dedicated subwoofer. I will say that while I don’t know firsthand how this SonicEmotion 3D surround sounds, I have a Vizio sound bar that has SRS HD built in (which I think is kind of similar) and it really adds a nice flair to the sound that the unit produces. Is it true surround? No, absolutely not. It makes a decent attempt at making you think it does, though. I hope that helps.

Edit: it looks as though the Sony I linked above does not have the IR Repeater. It does, however, have an HDMI input and video passthrough HDMI output on the unit. Definitely another tick in the Sony pros. I still think you probably can’t go wrong with this unit.

Please have pity on someone who knows nothing - and I mean nothing - about these things.

I just purchased my first non-CRT tv from Woot a short while ago, a “TCL” badged Roku model.

Is that what these sound bars are for? If so, how do they hook up? The TCL has one set of RCA inputs in the back, but I use those to plug in my DVD player and (deep breath) Playstation-2. I have to swap out the cords from one to the other depending which I want to play. If this AudioSource also uses the RCA inputs, I’ll have to unplug it to play either of the other two machines. So, is that how it connects?

Please forgive the probably insanely stupid questions. I grew up in a house without any TV at all, and only just got my first one a few years ago when I got married (it was my big concession - well, that and the stupid floral print sofa). So I’m really not up to speed on some of even the most basic of modern functions yet. Any help at all with those above questions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

too bad the control panel picture cant be magnified in this ad to see the actual controls.

So I’m going to assume a few things first of all. You clearly feel that the sound on your TV is lacking. Pretty much all flat panel TV’s have terrible sound. If you are asking if a sound bar is what people resort to when the sound from their flat panel TV is terrible, yes, that is exactly what they are for. This unit will absolutely obliterate any semblance of sound that your TV produces.

Can you tell me the model number of your TCL TV? I’d like to see the rear panel of it so that I can tell you how you would hook this up to it. More than likely the TV will have a TOSLINK (Optical Digital) output on the panel. Kind of has the shape of a little monopoly house if you were staring at it in 2D. Anyway, if you can give me the model number, I can look it up and let you know. Most likely the RCA jacks you are referring to that are on the back of the TV are inputs, not for stereo out. Almost all TV’s would have a stereo out set of RCA jacks. I will assume that your TV has these, and the way you will hook them up is by connecting the red and white RCA cables from the back of your TV (it should be labeled “sound out” or something similar) to the corresponding red and white inputs on the back of the sound bar. If you have the TOSLINK output on the back of your TV you would connect the optical digital TOSLINK cable from the back of the TV to the sound bar. This will be superior sound quality. So if you have that output, you would definitely want to use that option.

Again, though, let me know the model of your TV and I’ll tell you exactly. The above is just a guess based on standard TV models.

A big “THANKS NICK!”, and yes - all your assumptions were correct. Sound is important, and this set is lacking. Sorely.

I have the TCL 32S4610R ( ).

Again, much appreciated!

You’re welcome. There is nothing more frustrating than asking some honest questions and just not really getting the answers you’re looking for. Your TV does appear to have digital optical out on the back. I’m not sure if someone from woot! can confirm if this comes with a TOSLINK cable in the box? I didn’t see it in the specifications, but it seems like I saw on Amazon’s webpage that new units come with a TOSLINK cable. Anyway, if it doesn’t come with one, I’d encourage you to get one. The other thing you could do is you could get a decent low gauge 3.5mm analog headphone cable and connect it from the back of your TV to the soundbar. The reason this would be beneficial is because, in theory anyway, if you increase the volume of your TV using the TV remote, the volume of the sound bar would increase. At least that is how it works with the headphone out jack that is on my kids’ 32" JVC TV. They have a small set of Logitech Z313 computer speakers hooked up and it sounds great. It is just controlled from the TV remote that way. It works well.

Still, I’ll reiterate that the best sound you’ll get from the unit will come when you use a digital source. So if you are okay with getting a TOSLINK cable (if it isn’t included in the box) then you should notice a significant bump in sound quality. I hate connecting things with analog inputs, but it can work well if you have the right set up. Let me know if you have any other questions.