AudioSource Mini Soundbar

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AudioSource Mini Soundbar
$37.99 + $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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This is a great soudbar! I got one for my folks a few years ago… really great sound


where’s my BOC?

So is this better than the built in speakers on a 32" LED tv?

Fap! I had lucky troll dolls since the 60’s, and my wife convinced me to throw them out last week. Now what will I do with the extra space?

anyone seen any reviews on this bad boy?

So, is this just a regular speaker that is shaped differently? I mean, it is nice that it’s slim, but you can get a good pair of speakers with a woofer for that price.

I’m going to guess yes, because most built-in speakers aren’t very good.

From the product page: “So stretch your cheapness muscles, grease up your F5 key, fill up an IV bag with coffee, and get to complaining about the latest “Worst Woot-Off Ever”. It wouldn’t be a Woot-Off if you didn’t.”

LOL, so true!

we gonna be here for a looooooonnnnng time

Great time waster —>

Fap, 'eh?

I ain’t never seen no speaker with a born on date - as a feature.

A 10-watt speaker isn’t very powerful, in fact its less wattage than even the most lame of TV speakers BUT it probably sounds better than most TV’s because it can at least offer up a l’il bit of bass.

I seriously hope he means it to be something other than what it truly means… cuz Troll dolls… shiver.

you can get them back by digging up all the troll dolls I buried in my parent’s back yard as a kid.

Trolling about trolls huh?

I’d be in for 1 if there was a single person talking about a positive experience with this product on the entire series of tubes known as the internet.

Does anyone know if there has been a BOC in this wootoff

Looks like Maryland, New Jersey & North Carolina are doing their job. They led the other states in purchasing the speakers.