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Question: I have a non-powered sub-woofer that requires a pre-amp in order to connect it to my home theatre 5.1 system. Will this fit the bill? (The connector colors on the sub are grey and white…)


PS- If not, any suggestions?

A Power Amp is what you need to drive a non-powered subwoofer, not a pre-amp.

You already have a pre-amp; it’s what lets you select what you’re listening to and how loud. (It you have a receiver, it’s included.) Hopefully, it has a “sub out” or “LF (low frequency) out” round plug in the back. You take an RCA cable (use a “subwoofer cable” if you want to spend extra) and connect one end to that output on the pre-amp (or receiver) and the other end to the input of the power amp.

The “2-channel multi-zone amplifier” in this Sellout would work fine (if it provides enough power). That amp is “bridgeable,” which means you can join together the two stereo channels (left and right) to make one more-powerful channel, if your subwoofer (like almost all) has a single input (two bare-wire connectors, one grey and one white, make for a single input channel, in all likelihood).

How much power is enough? That depends on a lot of things: how efficient is the subwoofer? How large is the room (including ceiling height)? What are the floor and wall materials? Is it open to other rooms? What kind of music do you like to listen to? Will you be using it for movies? What kind of movies? How loud? Do you have downstairs neighbors? Best to discuss it with someone knowledgeable.

OTOH, for a medium-sized room, with a typically-efficient subwoofer, to listen to any music that doesn’t have the word “thump” in its name at a more-or-less reasonable volume, the amp in this Sellout should work well. For watching movies, as long as you don’t like it too loud, it should be okay (Michael Bay productions excluded).

Please bear in mind that all the above-mentioned factors can affect the suitability of the amplifier in your setting. I would think it’s a good place to start, as long as you don’t mind the possibility of re-selling it if it turns out you need more power.

P.S. Be sure to follow the instructions for bridging the amplifier; it’s easy, but it’s different from normal.

P.P.S. If you do need more power, you should go to 3 times as many watts, at least, to make a real difference. And that’s 3 times the bridged power (stated in the manual, probably around 100 watts).

Shameful truth: once upon a time, I worked in a stereo store.

I posted this before but no one answered, I’ll try again… I’ve got a question about the AudioSource S325 80W Soundbar Speaker System I bought from here a few months back. It was great but it’s now not working. When it’s turned on the volume goes to 0. The volume function works on both the remote and the soundbar, but the volume will just go back down to 0 every time. Anyone else have this problem or have a solution?

Sorry for the problems. Have you contacted AudioSource to see if they have ideas?

I looked online a few weeks ago and downloaded the manual (we had already lost it), but there wasn’t anything like our problem in the troubleshooting section they have in it. I just need to call I guess. I’m lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone on the fence about buying the indoor/outdoor speakers?

I bought 2 pairs last time they were up,
and they’re awesome!
I just ordered 2 more pairs.

bought one of the 80w soundboard for my sister…she has cathedral ceilings…she LOVES it!!! So I bought one for me!!!

Read reviews from Best Buy and Amazon… many people say it stops working after a few months.

Just received AudioSource S3D60 160W Soundbar yesterday, sparks fly from the AC port with a slight burnt smell each time it’s connected to the power supply unit. I am just upset that I have to pay for the return shipping for this heavy bulky product. Quality control seems to be a concern. The unit was shipped from Woot with no exterior packaging, just straight up in the retail box - not very professional.

While I had it, I tested it out and was disappointed with the lack of mids. Lot’s of base that fills the room with the simulated surround sound but hard to make out people talking in the vidoes - mids are just lacking on this unit. No better than a typical $100 PC speakers with a sub.

Very disappointed with this unit and quality of build - rubber feet cover at the back of the unit was not properly applied. Seems to have been rushed during manufacture. Stay away from this unit.

Yikes, sorry for the problem. Please email for other options.

Update: You have email from Woot support now. Be sure to check your spam fold if you don’t find it.