AudioSource Sound pOp Bluetooth Speaker

Looks like amazon rates em pretty high!

Yet… It’s about the same price from amazon after the free shipping… so its not such a hot deal.

Time to check out the product page

Time to check out a video [youtube=Ox7YwaF5I54][/youtube]

We’ll see by morning if $1.74 is enough to move the price down.

In the meantime, time for one more entry, sorry for my long absence, work.
Not trying to sell this

I can’t get browser to work with this review, but maybe you can try it:
BLogger who got the product for free to review

HSN mixed reviews before it sold out at $39.99


Anyone have one of these? I think they’re kinda cute, might be interested if they’re decent.

looks like an alien.

under specs: Noise Cancellation


Picked this up a couple of months ago from Amazon for a lot more money. Works well, sounds great. Easily worth this price. My biggest quibble with it is that there’s no way to check the battery level or low battery warning.

I bought one of these for my wife in July. It sounds great, and is very tough. When she uses it in the shower, we will sometimes hear the suction cup come loose and the speaker will hit the shower floor. This bothered us the first few times, and she’s since learned to move the speaker to the counter top. But the speaker took roughly 10-15 five foot falls without issue, so no complaints on durability.

i bought one from woot last time, initially i went to buy it bc i wanted a cheap really portable radio. Then when i read the reviews people mentioned it attaching to your shower wall bc of suction and w\blue tooth it connects to your phone and it’s awesome.

All i do is sync it w\my iphone, turn music on my iphone, and then once i hit the power on the device my iphone automatically streams the power to it. it also has a next-track button (holding the volume up button for 3 seconds).

I’m a fan.

Bought this on the last Woot. The sound quality is surprisingly good and LOUD. It’s great for transmitting a radio app to it so you can catch up on the news in the shower. The suction cup is adequate but feels a little flimsy. If you’re very heavy-handed, the suction cup will break very easily. So handle with care. When you power it on and off, it makes a funky popping noise. Not sure if that’s a plus or a minus, but it’s pretty loud when it does it. This speaker is actually decent enough to be a travel speaker because if you take it to the beach or the pool, you don’t have to worry about it getting wet. And it’s certainly loud enough for most occasions.

I don’t get the design. Why wouldn’t you make it spherical, which would be a cool shape?

As it is, it looks likes someone didn’t finish it.

That’s straight from AudioSource. It’s in regards to the MIC.

Just bought one last week and it’s pretty cool. Have only used it a couple times but so far it serves it’s purpose.It was easy to get the Bluetooth to connect with my Samsung phone, and the sound is really good (for a small speaker). I’m sure larger ones have better sound, but this thing is just right for those times when you need a little more than the speaker on your phone. If you don’t want to spend $199 on a B*** than this is the answer.

Those reviews over on the mothership do look very positive.

And the uses for this gadget with various mobile devices seem to be many - especially since it is not only a speaker, but also can be used as a speakerphone due to the mic.

Just one question, what does AudioSource have against the colors Yellow and Green?

(If you’re going to have this odd-shaped thing in public, might as well go for it with all out colors!)

That’s because I believe (if it’s the same model) you can use it as a hands free device in the car via bluetooth.

I heard the suction on the speaker isn’t that great though. You use it in the shower and it falls off after a few minutes, as well as on other surfaces.

Hey woot. Why is the list price on woot $10 higher than on amazon? I realize your description of list price basically says it might not be accurate but when your parent company has a higher list price showing on their site it smells fishy.

Our list prices come directly from the vendor as part of our purchase order process.

Here’s an example.

Does anyone know if two can be used simultaneously? It would be handy for presentations or having more music in one room from a single source.