AudioSource Sound pOp Bluetooth Speaker

**Item: **AudioSource Sound pOp Bluetooth Speaker
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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10/30/2013 - $19.99 - 30 comment(s)

i’m in for two.

i had previously wooted the iluv speaker bar and my boyfriend decided it was a car speaker and the charger bit broke so hopefully this one can stand up to the test

I got one of these to use with my Samsung tablet & iPad. It took me a bit to pair it with the Samsung but it just started working. Really nice sound and a definite improvement from the built in speakers.

Got mine a couple of days ago from the previous woot. I am very impressed with the sound volume and quality that comes out of this. I also like that it is water resistant and I don’t feel bad about having it up on the wall of the shower.

Mine is perfect for my use.

Time to check out a video [youtube=Ox7YwaF5I54][/youtube]

I bought three!!

Is it possible to stream to more than one of these at a time, from one device such as a phone?

For a couple of dollars more (depending on color) I can receive it in two days with my Amazon Prime account…so not really much of a deal.

I bought three on Oct 30, they arrived yesterday - Nov 7. I didn’t need it to be here in two days. Plus Woots price for three was $15 less than Amazon Prime.

I’ve been streaming Stitcher from my iPhone this morning and the sound is really good. Pairing was a cakewalk. You’ll want to stay within the recommended distance-from-source for best results.

Mochajavaman gives AudioSource Sound pOp Bluetooth Speakers four mugs up!

I was using it on my Samsung tablet and my new email beeps were coming from my iPad. I didn’t even pair my iPad with it. Freaked me out at first. So I’d say yes.

I got mine a couple days ago…it works nicely with my iPad but for reasons I cannot explain, when I try to pair it with my MacBook, it automatically connects as “bluetooth headset.” It also shows up as “bluetooth headphones.” What gives? And when it’s paired with the MacBook, the volume is terrible.

First person to explain to me how to fix this (aside from a smarty-pants remark) wins 5 seconds of me thinking nice thoughts about them.

Well, 5 seconds of nice thoughts is a fantastic incentive! :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I’m not sure what would cause your MacBook to have trouble pairing. I did a quick search for AudioSource’s customer Service, as they will probably have more insight. You can contact them here.

You’ll need to google… but the way that Macs transmit bluetooth audio is in low quality and always sound like crap. There is a way to increase the quality but I don’t remember off hand… google it.

I just received my order. Holy crap they are small, but sound really nice.

Thanks. Will do.