AudioSource Soundbar Speaker System



Nice reviews of the S325 on amazon


That sucks, no reviews for the S3D40 model. Anyone have this one?


are these types you can just plug your tv into, then everything hooked up to your tv works or do you need a whole big set up? I


The one on Amazon is doing that annoying ‘add to cart to see price’ at the moment, but it’s 91.19$ without shipping, so if you want it, this is a decent price. Imma nab one… (later edit) Maybe. Not sure what outputs my TV has…


Plug-n-play. No AV receiver required.


Ahh I just bought the S325, the reviews are decent enough and it’ll probably be better than the dumpy computer speakers I have my tv hooked up to now.


Couldn’t find any either. Though Amazon has quite a few decent reviews on the S3D60 model which is a 160W system with built in subwoofer.

The mothership has it for $154 shipped, only $9 more than the S3D40 here after shipping.


“The mothership”?


Woot was purchased by Amazon a while back.


This is what the AudioSource S3D60 looks like Nekkid. The S3D60 is the largest of the three AudioSource soundbars but should be fairly similar to the S3D40.

And this is how big it is in real life.


See, smaller is better.
Thanks for the pick.


Would the 80W version be satisfactory in my situation (see below)? I know very little about sound systems so I need advice. The price is definately attractive and cost is a real factor.

I’m currently making do with the speakers on my Samsung HDTV. I have been wanting a sound bar vs. a full surround system for two reasons: small child and no time to run cords/speakers in reach are a bad idea and hubby deaf in one ear means he doesn’t really get the surround thing so it’s just for me. I have been looking at options with a wireless subwoofer, but I’m not sure where to put it as our couch sits in the middle of the room. I don’t know the actual dimensions of our living room but it is large and open to the kitchen and hallway. I checked and my TV does have optical audio out.


This is perfect.
I’ve been needing a replacement so we don’t have no audio at all while I get my amp fixed.

I have a commercial Panasonic plasma with no on board audio at all.

Been waiting for a nicely priced good quality soundbar for months.



You will be impressed with the improvement. Anything will improve over the sound on even the best flat screen tv! And for this price and an installation with 2 wall anchors, can’t go wrong. I don’t need one but in for one of 80 watt models!


In your case I would recommend the cheaper version with the understanding that some future day you may choose to upgrade again.

If you never want to upgrade beyond the soundbar then spend the money NOW to avoid spending it TWICE in the future.

I have no experience with this product so take my advice with a grain of salt. I do have a lot of experience with purchasing things though… decide what you want and buy that thing… end of story. The thing you want may wind up costing $900 but $900 spent once is less expensive than $500 spent three times.


Hey guys - I’m not very familiar with speakers or sound bars… could someone explain the difference between the 80 and 100 watt? Also, what kind of difference will this make compared to a built-in speakers on a new flat screen?



Others know more here but from what I have read, subwoofers are multi-directional meaning you can’t tell where the sound is coming from. Therefore, you can put it anywhere in the room, with the same sound affect. If this is not correct would one of you audio guys pipe in here with the real story.


I recently got a sound bar to pair with a flat screen that has some pretty crappy speakers (as most do).

This didn’t turn out the be the cure I had hoped for. There are side effects.

Here is what I found:

All of the sound bars I have seen have pretty crappy remotes, that are small and easy to lose in couch cushions.

So far I have not been able to program any of my TV/Satellite remotes to function with a sound bar so I now have yet another remote in my line up.

It’s a pain in the arse to have a remote just for volume control. When attempting to turn up the volume on your TV, it does not turn up the volume of your sound bar.

You have to turn off your television speakers via TV settings to get any decent sound quality when using the sound bar. Now that doesn’t sound like a big deal until you realize that turning your sound up and down with another remotes sucks, so you only turn on your sound bar for movies or something. Then you realize that your “all in one” remote doesn’t work the more detailed menu functions of your TV so you have to go find the actual TV remote, not just the DVR remote you have programmed to control basic functions of your TV.

And finally… wires. Wires, wires everywhere. Oh sure in the product photos they never show any wires going to any device, but let’s face it… these things need plugged in. You may have previously found a way to hide the wires to your existing system. Well good luck hiding these if you are going to mount it to a wall.

After about a month of this crap you get fed up and just shut the sound bar off and go back to your crappy TV speakers.


Thank you, Dylistn and Pupyluvr! I purchased the 80W for now. I do plan to upgrade eventually, but this will be nice for the time being. It will be a few years before I can invest in a true surround sound system, by which time my son will help me shop.