AudioSource SoundPop Bluetooth Speakers

This is about a $10 savings over the current price at Amazon I paid about $3 more than that for one about 3 weeks ago. I haven’t used it very many times, but so far, it sounds great and works well. The only thing that I find missing is the lack of a play/pause button, so when I want to start or stop playback I have to go back to my phone. At this price, I wouldn’t let it bother me as my research found that there’s no water resistant bluetooth speaker that works as well for anything close to this price.

I found about this from the daily Giz Wiz. See what he had to say about it or read what he said about it.

is there a way to skip a song and play the previous song? or is it only volume/power/call?

No, those are the only controls.

You can advance the track from the sound pOp by holding the volume + or - down longer.

You can use the handset button on the Sound pOp as a play/pause button.

The +/- buttons will increase/decrease volume or advance/back a track. Press and hold to advance/back press repeatedly to increase/decrease volume

Can this also be used as a speaker phone to talk hands free?

I went back and actually read the instructions and that information’s in there, but the using the phone button as play/pause is not. Thanks!

Yes, but I haven’t used it as such.


Awesome thank you all for your responses! Just ordered one!

So, I just got mine… plugged it in and charged it up.

Got it paired quickly, but noticed an issue when I tried to adjust the volume while streaming Pandora. If I bring the bluetooth volume all the way down to 0, it cuts audio to the SoundPop. But it doesn’t move it anywhere else. I can run 10%-100% and the volume doesn’t change–unless I press the buttons on the SoundPop itself.

Anyone else have this problem? For the record, I’m using a brand new Droid Maxx.