AudioSource Whaaaat

I just bought 3 more sets of the indoor/outdoor speakers.
Best $40 set of speakers you’ll ever buy!

I got some for the garage when they were $50, and they were well worth that.

OK bass for a small speaker, but very clear, and decent quality.

I’ve had the cheaper soundbar for a while now, and I can say that it’s great for the price. Obviously not the best speakers ever, but I’ve had plenty of speakers over the years, and for the money, these sound great and are very functional in a TV setup.

The remote was flakey, but I got a replacement from Audio Source by calling (don’t email, they won’t respond, call instead). It’s a cheap thin remote (see the image) so it’s not super high quality, but if yours is broken, they will send you another. That’s a great way to make up for skimping on the remote in the first place. Now that the remote works, I’m definitely satisfied.