Audiovox 8.5 inch Portable DVD Player with Car Kit and Under Counter Docking Station



Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Audiovox 8.5" Portable DVD Player with Car Kit and Under Counter Docking Station
$269.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
1 Audiovox DT85 8.5" Widescreen LCD/DVD Shuttle
1 Audiovox DKP102 Under Counter Docking Station


Pricing info…

Audiovox DT85 8.5" Widescreen LCD/DVD Shuttle
SecretPrices … $396.99

Froogle … $399.80

PriceGrabber … $399.80

Audiovox DKP102 Under Counter Docking Station
Froogle … $125.99

PriceGrabber … $129.99

Pricing is before shipping and tax.

If you’ve read this far, here are some other comparable Audiovox car video / DVD players.


Nice sample image :stuck_out_tongue:


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… i’d do more, but i’m confused and tired… so instead… enjoy this… the More Useful Useful Link… today’s version features car monitors on shopzilla for $260 or less… someone’s gonna like that… go


And now back to playing Sim City 2000. I’m learning a lot here in college!

Froogle Link Minimum Price $136.99 (docking station)

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $184.95 (docking station)

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $399.80 Link $359.99


Hi. I’ve got this, and my experience has generally been okay with it. Price seems fine.

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Oops. Just checked. My unit is a different model. Same maker (Audiovox) but not the same exact model.


I’m not sure whether to woot, to be afraid of this eating my kids, or to bow down and worship it.


For the screen size, this doesn’t seem like too bad of a price. Alas, I drive a pickup truck and also rarely eat at my own home…so, no woot for me tonight.


The only thing I want for the car in my kitchen is a tow truck.
Thanks, anyway.

(No, really, my aunt has an under-cabinet DVD player with a lot fewer features than this, and it’s really cool. This looks a little bit more expensive, but has a bigger screen and a car kit. I wouldn’t use a car kit, but I would use it as a portable. So it does look like a decent deal, for someone thinking about these things.)


OOh… been waiting for an item that is for “Prison Use”… YAY!


you can buy one of those $399 laptops at circuit city/best buy for a bit more and have a computer that can play DVDs on a much bigger screen (relatively speaking) and can also do other work/surf the net as well.


I think i’m the first one to realize the picture is last week’s chop winner =p


definately a good sample image, unfortunately, the one morning i am able to stay up for the release, its not something good (was hoping for a bag of crap)… good night from iraq wooters


LOVE THE PODCAST!! this player is a little large to fit in my car, I actually found one that is about half the size with same size screen for $50 more


Hmmm, can my wife hook her iPod up to this when it is her turn to cook?


… Is a different model pictured in the clickable “Detailed picture”??


Flags of Our Feathers…nice!


That’s what I’m talking about woot-monkeys back to your product songs. When is the album coming out. You’ve regained my respect after yesterdays debacle of a podcast.


Same concern. It is hard enough to keep them out of those TV Karts at Walmart. Maybe if I was single and living in a van (down by the river) but not tonight…