AudioVox 8-inch Drop-down LCD Monitor


[imgleft][/imgleft]Welcome to the AudioVox 8-inch Drop-down LCD Monitor topic page for Sunday, August 07, 2005. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.


WOOT OVER EASY ™!!! Who’s up for breakfast?? GC’s buying!!! [;)]

AudioVox 8-inch Drop-down LCD Monitor $199.99 + $5 shipping

Cheapest I could find it for was $269 on overstock. Nice woot!

HEY!!! That’s Episode III on there… ok… who has the bootleg copy?? [;)]


[quote user=“GEORGE STEINBRENNER”][][N][N][N][N][N][N][N][N][N][N][N][N][N][N][N][N][N][N][][G][G][G][G][G][G][G][G][G][G][G][G][G][G][G][G][G][G][][H][H][H][H][H][H][H][H][H][H][H][H][H][H][H][H][H][H][][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][W][][b][U][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][S][COLOR=BLUE][SIZE=24][S][S][I][]IT SEEMS WOOT AND THE YANKEES ARE STILL SUCKIN.[/I][/COLOR][/U][/b][/SIZE]




looks like a decent buy, i might pick one up for the trooper




Not something I need, but if they were giving it away…:slight_smile:

Just wanted to make the first page for a change and be a little bit like peteromans11


hmm not for me ;( first post for me woot


again dont want and dont need it dont want unless its free anyway


Not for me, gnite guys


hmm is this old/


Not for me tho.


Nice but not for me. Night all.


Interesting, price is OK.

Too bad it doesnt have a built in dvd.


Pretty cool Woot! but not something I need right now. Make it a regular LCD monitor, or better yet, an LCD TV/monitor and I’m in!


Woot, Come on now!


Tooo much for meee :frowning:




Woot, Come on now!


Just mount that T22 laptop from last week in the roof :slight_smile: