Audiovox Mini DVD/Stereo Home Theater System


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audiovox AUDIOROCKS! im gonna buy a bunch.


MAGIC WOOT-BALL (Credit to mkcartin)™!!! Will this item sell out? Ask again later… [;)]

Congratulations mkcartin PM me your mailing info and I will send you out the Dell 2.1 speakers. There were a lot of entries and they were darn good! This one just made me laugh [:)]

Audiovox Mini DVD/Stereo Home Theater System $149.99 + $5 shipping

How about 12 CD’s for the price of one with NO CONTRACT to go with this great stereo system?

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Or, get 50 free mp3 downloads (worth $50) and a two week trial for MP3 downloads. There is no obligation. So you get $50 of MP3’s for nada, zip, zero [:)]

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That’s actually pretty cool, to have such a small stereo and dvd player like that!

oooh, and “Karaoke input” too :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok this one I am not too happy about… I guess it goes with the tv that they sold last night… Oh well another good night of sleep lost…

Looking forward to tomorrow’s woot.


Great product tonight!

Audiovox Mini DVD/Stereo Home Theater System
$149.99+ $5 shippin


One of the best deals I’ve seen on this anywhere.

Surely a no brainer when it comes to this model at this price.

I’ll take three!

This will surely sell out very quickly.

Don’t wait too long!


Not for me I was hoping for a BOC


Wow - that’s a great deal. Can I afford another set? This will sell out quick!


Nah ill pass


Cool, but no go for me


YES!!! Look Woot happens when you stay up late:

You get speaker systems!!!

Get a FREE Ipod!



not a bad deal…first page?




Well at least its not a $1,000+ refurb!


No thanks…


WOOTGOD say 95 watts total power?!

That not hold candle to my PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER!

WOOTGOD not groove to 95 watts!
95 per channel, maybe…
not counting sub POWER!!

If not waste of time, WOOTGOD would SMOTE this WOOT!
Or, at least SMOTE price to $49.95.




blah… looks kinda pricey…


When in the course of Wootish Offerings, it becomes necessary for a bunch of insomnia stricken Woot Dogs to dissolve the Purchasing Bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the Woot…Ah, whatever…1st Page


aww i wanted a phone