Audiovox Portable 10” LCD TV with DVD Player and In-Car Mounting Kit


Nice screen, already have one though


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Audiovox Portable 10” LCD TV with DVD Player & In-Car Mounting Kit
$279.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Audiovox Portable 10” LCD TV with DVD Player & In-Car Mounting Kit - D1020


hmmmmmm, seems a bit pricey too me… But, I am sure it’s just me… I will stick to my portable dual screen dvd player that cost 100 bux… Nite all


Now that is a great woot. Can’t beat the price on this in car DVD player at $279

Wow… best **froogle** price seems to be around $400 + shipping.

Amazon has it for $379 and some awesome reviews. **Amazon reviews**


Why would I watch TV in a car?


Now I just need a way to pull wires without messing up the leather…

Nice price tho


Audiovox??? No thanks!!!


I’d be all over this woot if it were $200 cheaper :slight_smile:


Woot… looks good, but a little bulky. any comparisons?


Tv in the car?!?!?!


Sure you can!


if it were 30 inches


Is anyone really discouraged lately by the prices of the woots?


Looks pretty slick, but $280???


Had one of these until the youngens decided they might work better if they stabbed at them repeatedly with their pencils., and jameed pennies in the DVD slot. CYA in 24


beats the grand it cost me to mount a small screen on the dash and put a dvd player in the trunk about 4 years ago or so (cost+installation …also included an alarm system…so maybe dvd stuff just cost like 800ish)


heck of a deal amazon has it for 379.00

and 500 range on froogle


Nice Woot at a great price! I bought this last year here only it was $299.99 at the time.
Am very happy with the set : D


Much cheaper on ebay. Around 260-ish shipped. Tax makes it 308 from woot… Too much for me =(