Audiovox Portable 10” LCD TV with DVD Player and In-Car Mounting Kit



Froogle Link Minimum Price $161.40

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $219

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $219

Amazon Customer Review Link Average Review 4/5 Stars

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$219 at Sprenzy

$219 at Pricegrabber

$219 at CNET Shopper

4 out 5 stars at Amazon (13 reviews)

Other portable DVD players with 9" screen or bigger, starting at $140.


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Audiovox Portable 10” LCD TV with DVD Player & In-Car Mounting Kit
$179.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Audiovox Portable 10” LCD TV with DVD Player & In-Car Mounting Kit - D1020


I’m not a big fan of these things. Everybody is mounting them where they can be seen from outside the vehicle. I don’t want to rear-end you because I got too caught up with watching Finding Nemo with your kids! Mount these things below the level of the windows, please.


anyone know about picture quality, I was thinking of putting it in the center so both people in back of a suv, could watch it but afraid to due to possibly not being a good display from side viewing


Cool eyeballs, A’nold.

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that’s not a keyboard! haha but, funny total recall pic


Fun issues tonight huh?

Hey, this looks cool. Anyone got one?

Anyone find an external battery source to make it truly portable?


Doesn’t have a wired Audio Out headphone jack so you either have to deal with FM Radio quality or wear headphones (As opposed to connecting to an AUX IN found on most aftermarket CD players)

Dont be fooled by the DealTree minimum price - it’s a refurb, only one in stock, and on Ebay.


Too bad that price on froogle for $161 is for a damaged or open box item. It’d probably be safer to go with the new one for a tiny bit more…


More pricing…
SecretPrices… $219
NexTag … $231
BizRate … $219

Some other similiar Audiovox products to compare.


My questions to anyone who has one-

  1. Does it have a simple one-button aspect ratio changer? Press, press, press etc until the aspect ratio is correct. I despise going through a menu and pressing 5 buttons and arrows just to get it wrong and needing to do it over.

  2. Does it play MP3s on a DVD? All of these play MP3s on CDs.


Guys… I don’t mean to be picky here, but I think your math might be a bit off…


One review states that this unit has no internal source of power, so you must have an outlet nearby in order to use it. Everyone raves re: picture quality.


I bought 3 of these a while back (my 1st woot off), nice units. Dont get it just for the car, as its nice to take anyplace you have 110v/12v power (no built in battery). Camping (where you have your car nearby for the power), in a hotel room, Guest room, etc. Picture quality is good, wireless headphones work good, remote works good, unit works good. I paied about $50 more than they are now offered. If I had the need for another, I would buy one again.


Audivox are good quality from what I’ve seen. I’ve never used this one, but Mazda uses Audiovox for all the OEM units that go into new vehicles. I’d assume the quality to be about the same, not many bad reviews out there. I’m not in the market right now (read:maxed out from the wootoff), but will be looking for one before xmas.


Nice. I’ve been waiting for a dvd player like this. Does anyone know if this is a self contained unit, or does the dvd player part fit in your dash board?


Based on the reviews it looks and sounds great is a really great deal for the price. But I would wait for something portable with a battery pack for less price…
Link to the expert review on PG…


Some good and bad reviews at


edit: also probably doesnt play DVD+ discs.