Audiovox Portable DVD & VHS System w/5.6in. LCD


[imgleft][/imgleft] Audiovox Portable DVD & VHS System w/5.6in. LCD - Sunday, November 06, 2005
Item qty: 359, Last Order: 9:54 AM CST, Wooter to blame: oingoboingo08
Order Pace: 1m 39.283s, Woot Wage: $3,190.87/hour.


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update: 6am. pretty late here to be adding this but these units do come with the normal accessories. Yes, this has a DC adapter to run in your car. Sorry for the crazy lack of that information at first.

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This one is very good! You can get extra screens for this on ebay.

Looks like 2 for me


Let’s see if woot deletes this! No doubt they will.

Audiovox Portable DVD & VHS System w/5.6in. LCD
$88.00 + $5 shipping

I like what this is, though. Very well-priced.

Don’t think that I’ll be any less angry about my post getting deleted last night because you’re not deleting this. Damn you.

I have recently learned that this last comment is now directed at gimmaroon (or some other moderator). I hate you, gimmaroon (or some other moderator).



note seems to be going about 120-160


i wish the screen was bigger…


It’s nice that it plays both dvds & vhs, but it’s so bulky, and a small screen.

With the 7" dvd players now so inexpensive, this seems a bit outdated. Nowadays, they seem to be about $100 everywhere like this one


DVD Back Again…going to bed


what? thats huge!


Blaarg Yucky Small Screen


that things gigantic! portable, mmhmmm

#12 Price: $462.49

Hmm, not sure? Don’t want this anywho.


ehh, if i had kids i might get one, oh well another woot wasted


Already, got one from woot…last time around.


no one wants it…
we’re like two minutes in and it says in the stats no one is getting it…


Well, that was fun… Good night everyone.


I need thjis in a beta-max version please.


no Woot tonight


At least give me something that I can use. How about some PCI-express vid cards or some more B.O.C.


Looks nice, but as long as I have a laptop I wouldn’t need it.