Audiovox Video Message Center with Dry Erase Board

On amazon for 48.95 or more… amazons is actually a whopping 135.80!!!

Little known fact: Camels value honor above all else and they are very loyal to their mates.

okayy, I made that up.

$48.95 and good reviews at amazon

I thought that said hammer…then I though hammer time…

turns out it says honor and loyalty.

L8 one nite…early another. This is why woot! excels at life.

product page


Will this work with my mac???

Will this make a QP???

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Deja Vu . . . This item was offered on another daily deal site this week.

■Resolution: 480×234 pixels

what are the dimensions of the whole thing? anyone know?

Cute idea, but the times when I want to leave a message for my family and the times when I want to record my appearance don’t coincide often enough for this to be useful.

Yea I got honor and faithfull

[gasp!] Oh wow, this is so cool! I’ve got to have six! I’m signing up for a second account right now! Woot has never had anything so wonderful before!

Oh, wait, it’s not a Woot-off. Never mind.

$23.95 on Amazon plus $7.99 shipping


sorry this is without screen

This looks perfect for hanging on my dorm room door.

Manual: Here

here’s the user manual as well

I like it, but what happens when you spill food on it?

Its actually 48.35 on Amazon. The 23.95 one is without the video screen. You have to use the dropdown boxes on Amazon to choose the correct model.