Audiovox Video Message Center with Dry Erase Board

I guess everyone else is camped out in parking lots. Fools. Anyway, I’ve been using a voice memo recorder for about 3 years, and this may make a nice update to that, depending on reviews. Those AAA batteries must be about to die anyway…

well i just got one, not sure what i’ll do with it, but it looks cool

damn you woot and your interesting gadgets

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Here’s Amazon’s take on this:

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Price is good; reviews so-so. Some folks think it is a little complicated for everyday family use. Depends on your family, I’d guess…

(They have the original price at $230! Can’t be true!)

Product manual:

NightGhost either is taking a well-deserved night off, or is getting ready for the Black Friday sales. Any guesses?

I bought one in January the first time it was wooted. The card readers/usb ports don’t work and the entire right half of the screen is just a jumble of vertical lines. I would not recommend this. It’s just a novelty. Not very useful.

Hopefully at least one of the two I ordered will work better than that… I think my 3-year-old will get a kick out of this

Edit: I stand corrected, NightGhost sighting on

Own one of these and gave two others away last year as holiday gifts to my tech savvy mother-in-law and my mother – who can still barely check her aol email (sigh).

Everyone loves them and hasn’t had a problem with them. Might have to pick a few of these up as extra gifts at this price. :slight_smile:

All this thing needs is a printer built in to be very useful.

Rubber dog turd humidor?

Sounds like yours was broken. Why did you not try to return/exchange it?

I bought one last time they were on Woot. It kinda sucks. The camera is really shoddy, I practically have to fire a flare in the kitchen for it to show anything but dark blobs, the sound sampling is at a terribly low rate, so the playback sounds like an 80’s-era Nintendo Voice.

I don’t recommend it. I use the Post-its that came with it more than I use the recorder. I oughta just rip it off the fridge and sell it at the yard sale.

Skip this one.

I’d highly recommend getting a Sansa for this. Those voice recorders are great and Woot sells them for a very affordable price.

Here’s a video showing how it works…

Probably ‘pretending’ to be Black Friday shopping, but taking a well deserved night off?

Can anyone tell me what the voltage of the power supply is? (Would it work with 220v in Europe?)

Let’s see…Hmmm…Maybe if it had broken within the time I’m allowed to return it, I would have. It went to crap after three months.