Audiovox Wireless Ultrasonic Parking and Obstacle Detection System

I like how under features it says “Avoid injury to family member or pet and damage to vehicle”.

“Oh no! I backed over Jimmy! I hope he didn’t dent the car.”

So I think this is the Manufactures Website

What frequency does the wireless operate on (wondering about interference, not IMPEDANCE)?

With an accessory like 2 Butt Splice Red it’s got to be good.

does anyone know how hard it is to install… i want one but i dont think i’ll ever get around to putting it in if it seems like it will take too long…

yeah i’m lazy… go ahead and judge me

so…I’m assuming you mount it somewhere on the rear end of ur vehicle and it starts beeping if its near something.
So is there like an on off switch to this?
Or how does it work.
Is it gonna start beeping whenever a car stops too close to you on a red light.

These can be very useful devices. However, they do NOT replace actually turning and looking behind you when backing up: they’re only useful for things that you might have overlooked when getting in your vehicle that are below your plane of sight out the back - which, for an terrifyingly increasing amount of new vehicles, is quite a large amount. (Look at how small some rear windows are on some cars… Hummers, Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix, Scion xD and xB, Nissan Rogue, Honda Pilot, Dodge Charger/Chrysler 300, etc)

Since this is an Audiovox I think the quality will be decent and it’ll do the job. The fact they chose 7-pin instead of 9-pin connectors is nice. However, what class of hitch does this fit? I, II, III? Or, in layman terms, what’s the approximate width of the hitch input this is for?

edit found answer: ■Designed for almost any vehicle with a 2 inch or one and one fourth of an inch hitch receiver

…so which is it? Or does it come with an adapter?

More accurately, the link for the specific product.

Here’s the manual, complete with installation instructions:

And this is the ASH400 product page including the PDF owner’s manual and a diagram showing clearances needed.

Update: Last!

Sounds like something someone might hear during a phone call with one of those damnable folks who seems to think the phone should be whipped out as soon as one enters a vehicle…

Oops, hit the post button by accident. I thought that sounded like a good feature too, but I’m waiting for the blue one.

This sounds like it would be annoying when backing into a parking spot. Is there any way to temporarily disable it?

I believe that it is wired into your vehicle’s system and it is only active when your transmission is in reverse.

If it is using the vehicle’s trailer wiring harness that tends to come bundled with a trailer hitch, then the wiring harness will feed power to the unit when reverse is engaged.
To disable, unplug it, or, ignore it.
…Don’t put in earplugs since it might be trying to tell you something, and earplugs can mask the sound of car hitting something…

My experience with similar systems - vehicle OEM-installed units, not something like this - is that they’re fairly intelligent about what they pick up and where, in that they pick up what’s about a foot to either side of the car, and up to 8-10 feet directly behind the car. Again, that’s the factory system, installed in the bumper. This looks like it’ll have a side-to-side range of the width of the vehicle, plus the one sensor in the rear to detect up to 7-feet, according to the description.

The User’s Manual gives a good description of what is does and how to install it:

So, can I mount it on the front of my car to help me stop running into the utility room wall when I park in my garage? It may be too late for me…the hole in the wall may be large enough now that the sensor wouldn’t know that the wall was there. Guess I’ll have to hang a tennis ball from the ceiling…or just pay attention.

Goes to steady alarm at 3 -feet- from other object? That sounds near-useless, I can easily tell by looking through the window whether I’m within 3 feet of something. I have been wanting something like this for precision parking in tight spaces where I can’t tell through the rear window or side mirrors quite how much clearance I have. But I want to be able to tell when I’m within 3 inches of the other car, not 3 feet.

Yea. By conforming to the monodirectionality of parking spaces.