Audyssey Audio Dock Air with AirPlay

I thought the cash grab would be a way for us to earn some cash…

Very, uh, crafty, Woot?

Hi Wooters, Jeff from Audyssey, I will be on here awhile to answer any questions.

Here’s a nice piece from Gizmodo on our speaker.

People probably expected a B0C because of Black Friday. Instead they instituted yet another move away from what made woot woot (‘cash grab’).

So it’s a woot off without being a woot off because we just had a woot off?

Some useful info on Airplay…

Apple’s new streaming technology, AirPlay®, launched on Sep 10, 2010 as an update to the now defunct AirTunes. AirPlay lets you stream all types of media—music, video, photos— from any iOS device to any AirPlay speaker system. All you need is a basic wi-fi connection. This puts AirPlay up against the venerable Bluetooth streaming technology and we set out to learn the differences between the two technologies.

AirPlay – More Listening Freedom
Bluetooth requires speakers to be within 32 feet of the audio source, AirPlay requires only that source and speakers are connected to the same wi-fi network. This means you could have your iTunes library connected to a computer in your bedroom and be able to play its content through speakers a couple of floors away using AirPlay. As long as the two devices are on the same network, AirPlay will let you stream audio from one to the other. AirPlay also permits audio streaming to several devices simultaneously from one dedicated audio hub.

AirPlay – High Fidelity Audio
Bluetooth cannot support uncompressed CD-quality audio over its network. AirPlay can. It can transmit lossless audio from content source to speaker, so music is reproduced with the highest possible fidelity.

AirPlay – More media; more information
AirPlay can stream song titles, artist names or even volume settings of the source device. This functionality does not exist in Bluetooth streaming.

One of the complaints in PCMag - Audyssey Audio Dock Air | PCMag - was at high volume levels, the bass is extremely distorted due to the DSP. Yet, gizmodo says otherwise. So, what’s the truth, folks?

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Hey Jeff,
Can you describe briefly how these work with Airplay… Also, the single unit plays in stereo?

Hi Jeff. Thanks for popping in to answer questions! It’s always welcome when a company rep/owner takes the time to talk to the community here. I hope someone has some questions for you soon.

Yes the single unit plays in stereo with angled tweeters. You connect the speaker via your wi-fi network, and can use up to 4 of them with one signal source.

Thanks…in for one

I totally pictured a flash-game version of the old school fundraiser money-grab booths. Where dollars in many denominations blow around you at impossible speeds and you have a minute to grab as much as you can - and end up with a ripped $1 bill at the end? Yeah, I’m bummed it wasn’t that.

So you’re saying it’s a … woot-off.

The deep accurate bass is actually one of our strong points. We incorporate Bass XT, which is onboard software that “listens” to the content and controls the excursion of the driver. to maximize performance. This technology is unique to Audyssey.

Noone seems to dig this woot, but I for am in. First woot I have gotten in well over a year. Great discount on a product that was new this year. Not a repeat item they are clearly trying to roll through back stock. Fairly good reviews all around at retail price. Well done woot.

I have read that connectivity and durability may be a concern, but I think the gamble is worth it.

Here’s some more good reading…

Not a woot-off. Just more sales for your Black Friday shopping frenzy.

I am in SO in for the dollar grab game…