Audyssey Audio Dock Air with AirPlay

Living in an apartment with paper thin walls means I have no use for something like this. From the reviews and size of the discount, this is a total winner.

Thanks - I ordered one, so hopefully I side with the Gizmodo folks!

Hi Jeff,

Have you issued a firmware update to address some of the airplay latency issues mentioned in some of the reviews of this product?

Hey Jeff,
can be used in a galaxy 3

Hi, The latency issues are not because of Audyssey or airplay speakers. They are inherent with airplay streams and all airplay speakers are affected. We are hoping Apple does something to address those issues.

It can through the 3.5 audio jack, but not wirelessly.


Jim from Audyssey here. Let me have a shot at this one. While airplay is an iOS/iTunes technology, there are a number of apps that can help you access airplay on your Galaxy 3. We just haven’t tested them, nor are they officially supported. check them out here:

Oh, and you can always use the analog connection.

Hi Jeff,
to use the Audyssey wireless with my PC Itunes, would I also need to buy an apple airport?

just fyi - I’ve got an Android phone and you can stream to AirPlay devices using apps like Honey Player or Twonky.

If you have wifi you should be set. Some routers are more effective than others, and the Airport is great, but not required specifically.

Thanks we are aware of several but as Jim says have not tested them.

They were selling for between $120 and $200 on eBay auctions at the end of October…

Hey Jeff: FYI, the promo at is linked to You on the front page, baby.

Jeff, do you like the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

Thanks for the heads up. I hope I can get my web guy to make the adjustment. He may be sleeping.

Apparently this unit sounds great but it appears many people have issues with the Airplay.

Question to Jeff -

There have been a fair number of reviews knocking this for having difficult set ups and intermittent connectivity. Would owning an airport extreme lower the likelihood of these issues? Was this product tested solely with apple based hardware?

This is on the Features tab but it really helped me understand how this works so I’m going to post it here as well.


Still trying to figure out if this is something to buy for a gift. The woot-off had an outdoor wireless speaker I wanted to get for the gift, but Woot messed up and refused to take the order.

This isn’t outdoor, but trying to see the point - does a person carry it around to different rooms? Seems like a headache.

So kind of leaning against it.