Audyssey Media Speakers (Pair)

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Audyssey Media Speakers (Pair)
$79.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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I bought these speakers last time around, definitely worth the price. They replaced my Klipsch ProMedias and are a noticeable improvement even over those. At $250, they are the best computer speakers on the market. At $80, they are a steal.

Yay, the 90’s are back with over sized desk top computer speakers! NEXT!

Darn. The speakers that sound great but turn themselves off after half an hour again. Ugh…I hate that but then again I’m not totally clear on how much that would bother me in a real world setting.

The klipsch 2.1 supposedly sound better…are they roughly the same price and likely to come up here and should I wait for something else?

Do these have audio jack input…for droids or phones?

Really dumb question: Do these connect to laptops/tablets/etc. via bluetooth? Or do you need an actual wire?

Yep…read it slower this time

I have an Audyssey iPod dock. It sounds great, but it is really finicky. I’d hoped it would be portable, but it quit working on its first vacation. It came back to life when connected to my laptop, but often won’t turn on or have sound. For that reason, I’d be afraid of buying another Audyssey product.

I picked these up when they were recently on sale and have been happy with them. Haven’t had the chance to do extensive testing on them, but they sound pretty darn good from what I’ve heard so far.

The only downside is the auto-off feature at 30 minutes, although I doubt it will ever bother me. But if you can imagine it really ticking you off (you leave your computer up for long periods of time and need/want to hear alert noises), you might want to keep shopping around.

If you’re on the fence about it, I’d recommend purchasing (as long as you can stand the auto-off thing).

Two reviews:
Fairly positive:

Fairly balanced:

Eh, I got these a week ago. At $250, I would have been upset. At $80, they are okay.

They are very accurate, and do have a surprising amount of bass for their size, but something is just off putting. I also tried using them with a Polk DSW MicroPRO 1000 sub, but I couldn’t get them to mix nicely and just ended up using my Infinity Primus P152 speakers instead. (Not exactly high caliber either, but I preferred them.)

This is a great deal. Got them during the last woot. They go for upwards of $200, and sound unbelievable for how small and cheap they are.

There is a recent review on Amazon stating that the pair the reviewer received did not have the autoff function and that they suspected this was removed by AUdyssey after the complaints. Can anyone that bought them last time verify that. Also there are a multitude of reports of DOA and other problems with these on the last Woot thread.

Has there been any halloween type or fun items yet?

So you replaced your Promedia 2.1’s with these and these sound better? Just clarifying because I’ve seen some comments that the Promedia were better as well. Can you elaborate at all?

They are not oversized by any means. They are a little tall (9"), but only 4.9" wide. However, they are about the same size the the ProMedias and do not require the subwoofer to get amazing sound.

“Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is not available for this item.”


I wonder shy they haven’t shipped yet. Bought and received lots of other stuff on this last WootOff.

It can take up to 5 business days for processing and shipping although it’s usually faster. This is the 5th business day so they should be going out. Woot-offs do tire our poor little warehouse monkeys though.

Give it a couple more days and if you don’t see anything, feel free to contact Customer Service.

got mine today. they sound great. one of the best woots ever. very happy.