Audyssey Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

**Item: **Audyssey Wireless Bluetooth Speakers
Price: $99.99
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Condition: New

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5/21/2013 - $99.99 - 45 comment(s)

Check out this additional info, straight from

[youtube=0Hefqdts_v8][/youtube] says these are “excellent”

4.5 Star Average reviews from Amazon users says these are “good”

$300 speakers for $100 is OK but they can’t be bothered to throw in a $5 USB 2.0 Bluetooth adapter??? Not every computer is equipped with Bluetooth… should be but still hasn’t happened yet.

I have two sets of these speakers, the first set I bought at almost twice this price, then they came up on woot a few months ago, and I had to get another pair. They are excellent, set up quick and the sound is outstanding and for $99 a great buy. I am in for one for my grandson.

I never had luck with BT devices with exception with headsets for cellphones. I have bought 4 LES Audyssey speakers because I like them so much. I’m going to have to think about this one, if the BT connection is not good, I could still use it as a wired speaker. Hard to justify 5 speakers. Running out of room to put speakers.

OK, this is perfect timing since our good music docker thingy decided to reject the iPhone 4 all of a sudden.

My most important question, however, is the pairing destance… so many items say “up to 35 feet”, but in reality the phone needs to be about 3 feet away or it cuts out.

Could someone with experience tell me the distance these provide?

I bought 2 of these previously on Woot for a family member. In one case the power supply ceased working after 4 months and Audyssey shipped a replacement within 3 days of contacting them along with Fedex tracking number. Overall great customer service! Speakers also sound great! I am buying a pair for myself this time.

Thanks for your feedback. This is Jeff from Audyssey, and I’ll be checking in during the day to answer any questions anyone may have.

Hi, for most environments, its is a fairly reliable 20-25 feet. Under certain conditions, depending on what’s in the room and in the path between the devices, it can achieve 30-32 feet, or also get some cutting out at shorter distances.

I bought a pair last time around and I would say this is a fair assessment of the bluetooth range. In my experience, if you’re moving around a lot and you have your phone in your pocket, it cuts out too much. If you set your phone down, you’re fine up to 20, maybe 30 feet. The cutting out issue is easily solved and I have been so happy with the quality of the sound and the convenience of the speakers that it doesn’t bother me. I highly recommend these at this price.

So I’m kind of thinking about these, but I’m leaning toward the Logitech Bluetooth wireless boombox instead. It’s on Daily steals for $60. I would assume that this has (much) better sound for $40 more. However it doesn’t look near as portable. The Logitech has an internal rechargeable battery and is one single unit. I’m thinking about this for my wife to play music off her phone while making dinner. Anything would be a step up from her simply playing out of the phone’s speaker.
I’m guessing this is better for keeping in a stationary location…
There is also the Pyle “marine grade” speaker up right now. It seems more in line with the Logitech one, but overkill durability wise. Anyone have any thoughts?

So Audyssey and Pyle are obviously in different leagues with regard to sound and construction quality, but even beyond that it might be useful to compare the size of the units.

Here is a picture of the Audyssey’s.

Here is a video showing the size of the Pyle.

So it looks like the Audysseys are twice as big as the Pyle, and there are two of them. And while size certainly doesn’t tell you whether a speaker will be any good, it does usually tell you something about how much sound it’ll put out.

I’m guessing the Audysseys will fill a room with great sound, and the Pyle will sound like a decent set of laptop speakers, or slightly better.

Do they run on batteries or need to be plugged into a power source? Rechargeable?

I bought a pair of these the first time they were offered on Woot. They are the black version without BT. I am using them right now as my computer speakers and they are excellent. Highly recommend them, especially if you are looking to upgrade your desktop speakers.

These are AC driven, plug into outlet. Not rechargeable or battery operated.