Audyssey Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Do these have to be connected, or can you put them in different rooms?

Also, I like to put speakers on top of my cabinets. Do I have to push the bluetooth discovery mode button every time I want to connect a new device, or does it “stay on” or something after the first time?

Hi, once you have paired the speaker with a device, that device will “see” the speaker after that. New devices will have to be initially paired. The speakers do have to be connected via AC cord and the speaker wires in the back. Since they are designed as a stereo pair, they were not designed for use in separate rooms, although if you use super long speaker wire to connect them it is possible, but you’d have different content coming out of each channel.

One further note on this, the speaker must be in the on position for your device to “see” it.

I have the non-BT (lower east side) version from an earlier Woot! and enjoy them quite a bit.

Two differences I was curious about:

  1. The BT version have a 2 hour auto-sleep, where the version I have use a 30 minute (I think they were going to address that in later updates to that model)
  2. The BT version audio in does not seem to be optical digital.

I think these will be a good addition for the BT capability. Otherwise, I use the LES version with Airport Express digital optical out over AirPlay.

Correct on both points, additionally, the BT version offered here has improved drivers and can play a bit louder.

I picked these up the last time they were on Woot. They sound good for speakers this size, and have given me no trouble at all. I’m very happy with my purchase.

All the way to 11?!!11!?!!1!? :wink:

Can I use these with my television?

Yes there is auxiliary-in on back of speaker.

I have these as well, and I’ve been very happy with them. The only thing I wish they had was an optical in so I could use them with my TV as well. Can’t have everything I guess.

I purchased the Lower East Side version of these last time they were on Woot. I was definitely impressed. For the size, and money spent, I don’t think you can do better.

I have an audiophile grade stereo system as well as a monitor audio surround setup. Hooked up to my pc, the Audyssey speakers are about the cheapest thing I genuinely enjoy listening to.

I just bought two more. One for me, and one as a gift.

Can you pair more then one set together? Want to use for a 600 sq ft open room, would one set be loud enough?

what voltage (and current) does the power supply provide? ie, can these be powered from a car battery adapter? thanx.

Bluetooth is one device to one speaker. For 600 sq. foot room, if the background noise is relatively low, it can definitely work. Also depends on how loud you want to fill that area as well.

I was really hoping to get the Lower East Side model. I have an optical out on my sound card that needs to be used. If you put it up, Woot, I will buy it;)

Is it possible to remove the speakers from the black metal frame and lay them on their side - I would like to put them above my kitchen cabinets and keep the profile down low and out of site.

Hi they are designed as an integrated unit and not removable.

I’m a speaker snob and I bought these last time they were on Woot. I’ve been using them in my office at work and I’ve been incredibly impressed. Excellent sound, great bass from relatively small speakers. Loud enough to fill a bedroom or office or den.

They’re my second favorite computer speakers of all time behind the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 (which is more expensive and has a big ol’ subwoofer.)

I think these are a steal at $99.

I made a video of the bass radiators on the back of the speakers… This is how they get so much bass out of such little speakers…

If I use these with my laptop and if they go to sleep, do I need to get up go across the room and push the button to wake them back up?

I bought the wired version last time and find it kind of annoying that they just dont wake up from the sound and you have to push the button.

Is there any way to get a frequency response curve or graph or specs at all for these speakers?

It seems these days manufacturer’s don’t ever post real specifications for their audio equipment

This produces comments like “Speakers A are larger than speakers B so they must sound better and are louder”.

Are real specs not posted anymore because they suck or because it was determined by marketing that the target customer doesn’t know about audio specifications and they don’t care?