Aufschnitt Beef Bars, 12 Pack

Aufschnitt Beef Bars, 12 Pack

Are these different from the ones that are on Amazon for $2 per bar in a 6-pack?

Or the 12 pack for $25?

Yes, these are the “gourmet” version. So they cost more.


It’s what you say when you realize that you could have gotten a better deal elsewhere! LOL


Well, that’s not good.

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Price Drop!

New price is $22.99!!! Buy all the Beef Bars!

Small Print: If you already purchased, that money will hop back into your pockets soonish.


Can I sell these back to Woot for a profit?


OK - so has anyone actually had one of these? Are they any good?

I’ll let you know after a few weeks when Wine Country Connect ships them.

They have good reviews at Uncle Jeff’s place.

Just got mine, tried the pineapple one. Love it! It’s not as tough or dry as regular jerky, not as soft and moist as a Wild Zora bar. Perfect combo of sweet and savory… and best part is no fake smoke taste like so many jerkys have. (I really have an aversion to liquid smoke.) I wasn’t sure I’d like the addition of the chia seed, but I did. It made for an interesting texture that i ended up chewing a little longer than i would have without it. I think the addition makes it more satisfying. I highly recommend!

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