Aufschnitt Beef Bars, 12 Pack

Aufschnitt Beef Bars, 12 Pack

You know, I haven’t been able to sign in with amazon on the website in MONTHS. The app is fine, but I’d rather do my shopping off of my phone. Any ideas? These beef bars look interesting.

Let me guess, you are on a mobile but using the ‘desktop’ view of woot because the mobile site sucks? That was my problem. If you stay in mobile mode on your mobile, the Amazon SSO works just fine. Otherwise, you’re faced with a blank Amazon screen after login and you’re still logged out in woot.

So if that’s your situation, switch back to the mobile woot view just before logging in.

Bought these last time. The Berry flavor are interesting, and taste fairly good. The chocolate ones - repellent.

Chia and I’m out. Plus the name is very similar to something that is a big negative for me.

This is KOSHER beef jerky! On Woot!

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Just a quick note to whoever at Woot scheduled this. Passover starts in a week. The reason I mention this is that is 2 fold. 1) this is not a Kosher for Passover product. 2) Most Jews I know (To whom keeping a Kosher home is a serious matter) Will not have Non-Kosher for Passover products in their possession over Passover.
Meaning, that a good portion of the people that would be interested in this will not buy it SOLELY due to the timing involved. Personally I would love to buy this, and if you ever decide to offer it again, I will happily do so.
For now, though I will pass.
But I do want to thank you for this product, I just want you to know your sales will be better should you decide to re-offer this at a later date.

Thank you

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So you are saying you will pass over this sale for now?

I’ll let myself out now.


Hey man, I have bought these before and I’m just a plain ol’ Episcopalian. Am I in trouble now?

Because I ate them all.

They were delicious.

Holy Crap! when i glanced at the email i thought it said Auschwitz!