Augen 12” Cherry Wood Digital Picture Frame

Useless until I can use one as a high quality monitor as well. Not bad though.

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

New Augen 12” Cherry Wood Digital Picture Frame, for $99.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Augen 12” Cherry Wood Digital Picture Frame

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Seriously? You’re going to try to sell us a digital screen without telling us its resolution?

Wow, this sounds good…anyone know how these actually turn out for picture resolution, etc? I’ve passed on the small image ones.

No internal memory to go with this? The amount of photos it will display depends on the size of the SD card right?

Anybody know if you can easily hack one of these to accept RCA input?

are wmv files mp4’s? If so will wmv files play on this one?

Intresting to see what the res is, off to do some digging…

Not all WMV files are mp4s. Only one codec which Microsoft uses for WMV is approved for the mpeg4 spec, and that’s VC-1. That codec is also used alongside h.264 and mpeg2 for bluray discs.

Looks like this goes for $190 at overstock. so not a bad deal. Don’t need one though…

does this frame come pre-loaded w/ the insignia virus?

Come on, folks. What’s the resolution?

Woot sold these last month (06/20) for $109.

Last time it was up on the woot off someone said it had 800x600 resolution.

After scanning through several dozen sites on this item I still was unable to find anything stating the resolution. If it is 800 x 600 as the person above stated, then that is acceptable for a frame this size. 1024 x 768 would be much better however.

some good reviews on Buzzillions for this brand of digiframe…

I’m having the same results. It looks like everybody who sells this frame has no indication of the resolution. That’s jumping up and waving a big ol’ red flag for me.

Link to Augen’s specs.

Here is the companies website for this:

seems last time this was on sellout, nobody could find the resolution either. One guy even contacted their tech support, and they didn’t know either.