Augen 7" Color Touchscreen Entertainment Tablet PC

This one gets a 2.9 star average from Buzzillion reviewers. That’s not too bad.

Moses got 2 tablets, though.

My neighbor just got one of these. It is not an iPad, so don’t fool yourself. It’s a little slower, the included and available apps are fewer, and the touchscreen doesn’t support multitouch. Other than that, it’s a pretty nice unit. Webpages load relatively quickly (like they do on an Atom powered netbook). I noticed that outdoors the screen is hard to see, but that’s true of all LCD screens and the wifi range was a bit short, but that might just be her unit.

At this price, don’t expect miracles, but if you’re looking for something lightweight to carry with you to the coffeeshop to read the latest news, then this is just the ticket.

Wait for honeycomb or this.

Don’t know the prices of those honeycomb tablets yet.

As far as functionality, how does it fare against an iPad?

Drats, bad reviews on JR music world:

and Amazon:

Can Android be updated?

I looked into one of these when Walgreens had it on sale (for less than this price) and it got really bad reviews. In general, most people said to save your money and buy and iPad. Or wait a couple years until these ripoffs improve.

Very mixed reviews over at Wally World

170 at amazon and 2.5 stars LINK

And from a review on Amazon:
What the Augen GenTouch78 is:

  • One of the first tablets to run the Android OS (version 2.1)
  • A great and inexpensive way to get familiar with Android without signing a 2-year telco contract
  • A cool little tablet with a great, contrasty 800 x 480 pixel display
  • Fully capable of web browsing
  • Excellent Maps and YouTube apps
  • Capable of running a large variety of very powerful apps and utilities
  • Expandable via microSD card slot
  • Quite fast in most operations
  • Very inexpensive, and actually offering very good value
  • Faster, more powerful and offering a larger display than any Pocket PC/PDA ever had

And what it is NOT:

  • An iPad replacement
  • A truly finished product
  • Able to download from the Google Market Place (as of 8/31/2010)
  • Run as long as its big battery suggests
  • Easy to operate, what with those tiny buttons in the back
  • Have a keyboard fast enough for ANY serious data entry
  • Really suitable to run an OS that needs a capacitive touchscreen, and not a resistive one

Doesn’t seem like much of a savings. Brand new from walmart for only 40 more.

What’s the battery life on this thing? And how glarey is the screen?

I’ve been looking at the Galaxy Tab… Talk to me. Will this be powerful enough?

2g memory sounds awful small for movies and music

Wow, that’s so tempting! Hopefully enterprising community devs upped it to 2.2/2.3.

Starting with a very detailed review:

and Laptop mag really not liking it:




Engadget review

Cheaper than an IPAD