Aukey CC-S1 4.8A Dual USB Car Charger

Amazon has this item for $7.99 on Prime:

I have two of them and they’re great. Fast charging and fits almost flush with my truck’s lighter socket.

Three things that I noticed from the Amazon reviews:

  1. Some people have had issues with the front pin not reaching far enough into the accessory socket. The result is intermittent or no power.

  2. The socket itself draws some power even when not connected to a device. If you leave this in a socket that always has power, it will slowly drain your battery. The good news is it will take several weeks, but if your going to store your car you might want to take it out.

  3. Some people have said that it can be hard to remove once you get it in the socket.

Personally I have one of these in a socket that turns off with the car and I love it. The charge rate is great and the profile is almost flush with the socket.

I see $9.93, no tax collected in my state, from Aukey direct with Prime shipping.

I ALSO see $9.94 plus some change in tax for me… from Woot. Prime shipping. So cheaper considering free shipping available. Go figure.

I have one. Great charger with 1 issue. It causes my tire sensors to error every now and then with a sensor error.

Checking the interweb, this isn’t only me. Seems to happen with Ford vehicles. At least for me. Also happened with a rental I had.

I gave mine to my wife for her Jeep and it’s working great there.

Price Drop

Woohoo! Buyer is in a good mood for this hump day and has lowered the price. Now you must buy ALL the chargers! Seriously, you gotta buy them all.

If you already purchased, that money will hop back in your pockets soonish.

I was going to buy until I realized at checkout that shipping is 125% of the price of this charger. I am well aware that it costs amazon/woot $.75 to mail this little thing.

Checkout price was $9.71

No thanks!

On a side note, I miss the original

Where you paid $5 shipping for every item instead of every order - as much as you want to order?

SLAM with the right hand!

TT is correct, it was $5.00 per item purchased back then. But to be fair, there was only 1 item per day back then, not 10,000 amazon slow selling items like today. But that one item was actually a deal! Not just a featured product like today. So to sum it up, you do get better shipping rates today given the whole cart feature and multiple separate items. But I feel the “The Deal” was much better back then. Drastically reduced price on a quality item that no other website could match.

Plus, there was no tax back then either but the mother ship sold out to the different State governments (to receive preferable treatment in return, I would assume) so the States could get their hands on more sales tax revenue. First Amazon, then the rest of the internet…You’ll see.

That guy says he misses the “Old Woot” and he joined in 2012…You should have been here in 2006! Now that was a great community of members! It’s too bad TT is the only employee/mod left from that time! And she has the personality to prove it!

We love you TT!!!