Auria 23.6” LCD 1080p Monitor

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Auria 23.6" LCD 1080p Monitor
$139.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 EQ236 Auria 23.6" 1080p LCD Monitor

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Auria 23.6” LCD 1080p Monitor [Refurbished] - $139.99 + $5 shipping

1 * EQ236 Auria 23.6” 1080p LCD Monitor

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ALright G-NIGHT!!!

this might take a bit.

but it’s just so… so… BIG !!! well on my screen looking at it at least… :expressionless:

Yep, definitely one of those things once received would give the impression.

“You looked better on the internet”


Nuff said


Don’t wait for me.

looks as if I have not missed anything!

Did you see inputs? Look at the back. Also, how thick is it?

Pulled the trigger, might have been just to make the item change faster, who knows?

Well, sadly I missed the mouse I wanted (2nd item!) but thanks for the Woot-off on my birthday!


Inclusion of a remote is nice

go away monitor, I want something awesome

In for one. My uncle is in the market for a 23-24" LCD with a VGA input for use as a 2nd monitor in his office. He gave me a budget of $160. This seemed to fit the bill. Looked up reviews on newegg, looks more than satisfactory for his purposes:

and now I go to bed :slight_smile:

anyone pulling an allnighter tonight for this? :slight_smile:

worth staying up for, has dvi, hdmi, and vga ports, speakers, and a remote control. Amazon has it listed for $294 with good reviews
p.s Happy Birthday Gemini!

Good reviews at Circuit City too

In for 2!

Did anyone order this and not receive a remote control?

No way to control the volume on the speakers without it…