Auria 24" 1080p LCD TV

goodnight woot

Thats a great price, even better, its NEW!

Decent tv, for a decent price.

This could be made by sauron as well.

My favorite brand

That’s a nice deal, well done woot!

Hmm. I don’t know enough about LCD displays to know how awesome this is. But seems like a decent price for a 1080p that big.

I love the oceans!!!

Would this be any good as a monitor?

Never heard of Auria before. Or have I basically lived under a rock for the past few years…

Got this TV for Christmas, it’s awesome. I’m using it as a second monitor right now.

For anyone wanting to use this as a monitor, it has both HDMI and VGA inputs. And since DVI->HDMI cables are readily available, it will work with DVI and DisplayPort as well.

Wow. That may have been your most serious product description yet. Well done.

Product Website

This may be a good size to replace the small set in my Airstream. Better than the small 19 in that is currently in there. Good reviews from what I have found.

link with good reviews on an extremely trusted site

I paid $15 more for a cheap-o brand 27" 1080p for my bedroom. My only complaint is the speakers on these smaller LCDs. I had to hook up special speakers to my TV as the ones on the TV sound like everyone is talking into a coffee can.

cnet review

Should be fine, has all the “computer” inputs you’d need. Oh and sound too. :wink: