Auria 26” 720p LCD HDTV

wow, just wow.

Sweet, another TV.

Slowest woot-off ever. Ugh.

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Really, another high cost home item,namely a tv in this case, didnt we just have an hour long wootoff for the last one

Bought one of these on newegg refurbished about 6 months ago for $175… a little cheaper than 219, but it has been a good bedroom tv.


oh wait…

another tv lol

so… I can take the subway home now right?

720p for the loss. Where the hell are the carrots? >_<

most miserable…

Consequences will never be the same…

Isn’t this the brand of tv’s that make the weird sizes? 26.7 or something like that.

Now I can have a TV for the bathroom when I’m steaming my clothes.

$229 on July 31 so a little bit less expensive.

Come on Woot! Bring back the fun stuff.
At least it makes for better comment fodder.

If I had ever heard of this brand, I would totally go for this TV.

Woot is trollololololol right now.

One of the best product descriptions EVER.

“I want a older fella named Murray who’s just about seen it all to serve me my beverage, not some co-ed floozy who thinks bending and twisting her body in creative ways is going to get her a bigger tip. Young lady, I am here to drink. Your chest, while lovely, does not concern me.”

I too, am here to drink.