Auria 26” 720p LCD HDTV

Why the picture of me all alone at the bar?



this is a terrible value…a hundred dollars too much.

Why does the woot off happen on the day Civ 5 comes out :frowning:

You see what is hanging on the wall behind the lonely dude? A Minnesota Twins sign. Let that be a lesson, Twins fan dont get laid. But they probably like inexpensive HDTVs

Does the picture of that guy at the bar come with it? Because if it does I am on it

I like mine from the last w00t-off. Nice picture, good tuner…speakers are a bit weak, but the HTIB works to take care of that. This is a good buy. Good size for a second bedroom or breakfast room.

It’s a reality TV

Title says “Auria 26 inch 720p LCD HDTV” but in the description it says “1080p for HDMI, 1080i (HD)…”

what’s going on here?

They planned it that way. If they get enough people to go w/o sleep, they can take over the world.

It appears that we all know we don’t want this TV.

Woot off ! hurray ! gimmie some good desktop pc please !

ZDnet review links

Pfft, we just want some play time too.

I’ll have you know I met the girl I lost my virginity to at a Twins game!!! Seriously.

this should slow down the pace

It is 720p.
Same price as last time. No complaints here.

Bought one of these on the last wootoff and is using it to monitor this one. It has a decent picture and has worked fine. Biggest down side is it takes an eternity for the channels to change and I would not reccomnend it for use as a primary monitor. Over all a good buy for the price.