Aussie Ice Slushy Maker (Set of 2)



ok reviews (3.2 out of 5.0) over at Amazon


Don’t waste your time with these things. I purchased two of them from Bed & Bath Beyond. First they froze so hard that you could not knead them with you hands to make the slush. Second, the capacity is very small so the slush ends up being about 4 ounces.


Not great in my opinion. I bought a set and my sister a set, neither if us is happy with them.



My kids got these for Xmas. One of the cups got a hole in the inner lining within the first week. The other one seems fine. Thinking about ordering a replacement set. These work so much better than the cubes you freeze then shake in the drink (Slushy Magic?). Seems like it holds less than the slush mug I had when I was young.


Here is an instructional video:



Previously ordered 4 sets for Christmas gifts. Everyone was very happy with them, young and old. We’ve had no problems with any of them. My freezer is -3° and the cups aren’t frozen solid. Great customer support. Be sure to watch the video for extra instructions and tips.


A dingo ate my slushy!



least expensive on ebay is about 20 bucks, including ship.


Bought these on Kids.Woot last time and would just comment that it does work but on smaller liquid portions, which is kind of disatisfying and pointless. I wouldn’t recommend buying this.


Poor product! Bought these last time.Just makes an unusable mess!


I also bought these during the last woot. Worked great to make a slushy, nothing froze solid. Mostly, I love that the serving size is naturally small, which is perfect for a child’s dessert. Pop some organic juice in this, and you have a perfectly-sized healthy summertime cooldown dessert for your kids.


I bought these for my 11 yo for Christmas. I don’t like them. They are rubber and don’t seem stable. If you put too much liquid or liquid that isn’t cold in them, they don’t make a slush. I had a slushy cup when I was a kid, IMHO it worked much better than this product. I don’t recommend them, at all.


Also bought these for Christmas. One was leaking upon opening it. I contacted the company and they did replace it which was great, but now 2 months later, using the cups about 4x a week at dinner time it seems like most of the fluid inside is gone from both and it no longer make a slushy, kind of just like a drink with icy chunks. Wouldn’t recommend, but the kids loved them while they lasted.


I cannot figure out why so many have had problems with these. Follow the instructions and you will have a Slurpie* quality slushie beverage.

Do this. Freeze the things overnight. Pour in your beverage, preferably a refrigerated beverage. Wait a couple of minutes. Start kneading. Enjoy.

My only complaint is that they only hold 6 or 8 ounces, that is why you GET TWO!

*Slurpie is a registered trademark of 7-11 or whoever owns them.


I made lemonade in mine and told my kids I was eating yellow snow, which actually turns out to be a pretty good comparison because your slushy will have the consistency of wet snow.




I got a set of these a year ago. One leaked from day one. The other worked as advertised, but was more hassle and less fun for the kids than I expected. Both in trash within 90 days. YMMV


I bought these to make instant margaritas, it didn’t work. So only, nonalcoholic beverages