Austin Kitchen Cart - Espresso

We have one of these in our church already. i am getting a second one for another meeting room. sturdy, classy, and very versatile!

That’s unwarranted. It’s wood. I have quite a few pieces of kitchen furniture made from rubber wood. It’s not as hard as oak, but it holds up better than pine and looks awesome (and still fairly inexpensive). I’ve had my table, benches and chairs for a few years now and they still look great, despite my 3 small children abusing it on a daily basis. It’s not falling apart and doesn’t scratch easily.

Any sort of real wood is preferable to MDF or particle board.

How do you want cheaper and solid wood?

UPS delivered the carton yesterday. It weighs 147#. The cardboard carton is of the flimsy quality (typical for products shipped from China) and, at a minimum, should have been double-cased. (But that costs about a $1 extra at the originating end.) No fiberglass strapping/taping to hold everything in place. Cheap packing tape (also typical of products originating in China) failed somewhere along the way, so the end flaps have been re-closed multiple times using the original tape, with several folded-back-onto-itself “features” added to the taping. In short, the product as delivered is a disaster. I blame the orignal packaging moreso than UPS, though the driver never should have left the carton when it was in a clearly damaged condition. He also left it leaning against my automatic garage door (a safety hazard when kids/pets are around) and never rang the doorbell or knocked to see if anybody was home (which we were.) He/she also never attempted to obtain a signature (probably because he knew delivery wouldn’t be accepted.) Original shipment should have been split into two manageable cartons at a minimum. (Remember when UPS used to have a 70# maximum package weight limit? This weighs more than 2x that.)

It’s a shame because I truly would have liked the unit for its features had it not arrived in damaged condition. Assembly would’ve been a bear since there appear to be 50 - 60 pieces of wood of varying size that need to be assembled. Live and learn, I suppose.

Mine was delivered yesterday as well. The box had multiple holes in it and was falling apart before they left it on my front porch in a thunderstorm which then made the already weak cardboard all but fall apart. My girlfriend was home all day as it was her day off any they did not ring the bell or knock either and I suspect the same thing, they knew it would have been refused. Leaving it in the rain was just icing on the cake…

I’m sorry for the poor experience. Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

I cant speak for anyone else but I have already tried contacting Woot twice. Maybe the 3rd time is the charm…

I believe they’re running at about 1-2 business days for replies at this point.

I too have contacted them twice since Monday about my damaged kitchen cart and no response yet. Really hoping I can get a replacement.

Sorry for the delay. I’ve added both of you to my afternoon report.

Mine was delivered on 8/27, a day later than what was originally noted on the delivery (originally said 8/26 on UPS’s website) and the condition of the box was all messed up. Had a huge hole in it where I could see the contents of what was inside. I took pictures and emailed Woot about it, and as of today (8/28), have had no reply.

Today I opened the box and the insides of the box look just as bad as the outside. Everything is all messed up, pieces floating inside everywhere, seems like it was tossed together inside the box (which I am sure UPS did when the cheap box opened up during transport), I have chipped corners of the wood, surfaces all scratched up, you name it. Basically I have a box of crap sitting in my living floor right now because I am not going to waste my time trying to put this together, its too damaged.

Hey Woot, are you listening, please respond to my email I wrote you all yesterday and today so I can get my money refunded, including the shipping cost!!! The condition of how it was packed and delivered to me is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Sorry to hear that you received your order in the condition you described and that you have yet to receive a response from WMS.

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your post and info along to Woot Staff to help investigate the issue.

I did receive an email yesterday the 28th with a shipping label but the person clearly didn’t read my email or look at the pictures I sent. I have no box to return it in as it was utterly destroyed in the thunderstorm it was left in by the delivery company. I had to move it inside and now I have a pile of wood in my living-room… I suppose I could print 30 copies of the return shipping labels and attach one to each part? I guess it would not be such an issue but I have a bbq this weekend (you know… holiday and all…) and this is taking up quite a bit of space. :confused:

Let me send a note to see what they can do.

I received an email from Woot today telling me that my RMA will be coming in a separate email. Unfortunately, it seems like they didn’t read anyone’s email other than they want to return it. While I still have the box available (if you call it that), there is no way this thing will make it back to Woot, unless I completely wrap it with 20 rolls of strapping tape!!

Does anybody have the instructions for this? My box was really beat up and left at the door without a knock or ringing the doorbell. I opened it up and it looks like everything might be ok. I definitely would have refused the box, but decided to check it out since it was here.

I just opened my flimsily packaged kitchen cart with no instructions as well… if you find any, I would appreciate a copy… thanks.

Would you happen to have the instructions for assembly for your cart still? I just got one and it came without instructions. Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve emailed twice since 8/28 to try to get some damaged pieces replaced and still no response.
Contacted the manufacturer and they said I have to contact woot.

Any help please??

I’ll check in this afternoon with CS on your case.